Chester County Named a Top Pennsylvania County for Small Business

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CHESTER COUNTY, PA — Pennsylvania is a state that’s attracting entrepreneurs and small businesses all over the country due to its highly educated workforce, top-ranked universities, access to major cities on the East Coast, and desirable real estate. For small business owners looking to start or expand in Pennsylvania, Chester County is an excellent place to start. According to altLINE data*, Chester County made the list of top Pennsylvania counties for small businesses, showing the county’s potential.

Chester County scored #4 with a total of 14,880 small business establishments, which amounts to 27.5 businesses per 1,000 residents. Additionally, 99.7% of the establishments in Chester County are small businesses, demonstrating the county’s commitment to supporting local entrepreneurial endeavors. Furthermore, Chester County has a diverse economy and is home to many industries such as professional and business services, healthcare, education, and retail. This means that regardless of what industry a small business owner may be in, Chester County has diverse resources to help them grow and succeed.

One of the reasons why small businesses thrive in Chester County is due to the local business support institutions. The Chester County Economic Development Council (CCEDC) offers numerous resources and programs that help entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses, including education, training, and coaching to small business owners on starting and expanding their businesses. Additionally, several local organizations, such as the Kennett Collaborative and the Downingtown Main Street Association, offer support, networking opportunities, and resources to local businesses.

Another factor contributing to the success of small businesses in Chester County is access to capital. While a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners may be intimidated by the prospect of securing funding for their ventures, Chester County has many resources to address that concern. The Chester County Economic Development Council offers a range of financing programs, alongside the federal Small Business Administration (SBA). Additionally, banks and credit unions in Chester County have been keen on providing financial assistance to growing small businesses.

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Chester County’s location and infrastructure are other crucial factors in the county’s success when it comes to small business growth. Chester County is centrally located near major metropolitan areas like Philadelphia, and it has great transportation infrastructure, including highways, railways, and an airport. The ease of accessibility for businesses to move their goods around is essential in reducing transportation costs, ultimately helping businesses save more money and invest in their growth.

To thrive, small business owners must be aware of the resources available to them. According to altLINE data, Chester County in Pennsylvania provides an ideal environment for starting or expanding businesses. With its extensive support, diverse community, and abundance of resources, Chester County offers everything an entrepreneur needs. Whether it’s assistance, access to capital, location advantages, or infrastructure, Chester County emerges as an exceptional destination for small businesses. If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur or business owner seeking growth opportunities, be sure to explore all that Chester County has to offer.

*This story features data reporting by Paxtyn Merten, written by Annalise Mantz, and is part of a series utilizing data automation across 50 states.

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