In Recognition of Suicide Prevention Month, NeuroStar Voices Portal Amplifies Stories of Real People Beating Depression

Neuronetics, Inc

MALVERN, PA — Neuronetics, Inc. (NASDAQ: STIM), in recognition of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, announced the launch of the NeuroStar Voices Portal, a platform aimed at fostering connections, sharing stories of possibility, and building a supportive community for individuals battling depression. To illustrate the types of experiences people may share through the portal, Neuronetics is highlighting Damon Devine, a NeuroStar patient who broke the cycle of multiple suicides among the men in his family.

“Depression can be isolating, and we want people suffering from it to realize they are not alone. The NeuroStar Voices Portal allows us to share real-world examples of how depression affects people, along with the positive impact that NeuroStar has had on their lives,” commented Lisa Metzner-Rosas, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Neuronetics Inc. “Our patient advocates have helped us to bring the patient voice to the center of everything we are doing. We are touched by Damon’s courage in publicly sharing his experience so that it may bring hope to others.”

At the core of the portal is a network of real patients who have experienced successful treatment for depression and can serve as ambassadors through NeuroStar’s “Tap Into Possibility” campaign. These ambassadors will share their own stories and connect with potential patients to increase awareness around NeuroStar treatment and foster a sense of community.

“When NeuroStar worked, I couldn’t believe it. In my family, I’m the only male left. There is a hereditary component to suicide, as almost all the male members of my family did not live past 55 years old. The suicidal thoughts, which were commonplace for me, were the first thing to go,” stated patient Damon Devine. “Coming out of depression felt like being let out of prison. It was freedom after being imprisoned even though I’d done nothing wrong.”

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Damon’s story is just one of the patient stories highlighted as part of this campaign. Damon battled deep depression for decades since childhood amid a dark family history of suicides. The constant facade of being “fine” exhausted him. After failed attempts with antidepressants, he considered giving up. Yet, he decided to try one last option: NeuroStar Advanced Therapy. Within weeks, he underwent a remarkable transformation. He vividly noticed the beauty of everyday things and started to connect with people again. During Suicide Prevention Month and beyond, individuals enduring the difficulties of depression will find solace in stories of resilience and recovery, like Damon’s. These stories not only inspire those seeking solutions for their depression but also serve as a powerful reminder that surrendering is not the answer.

The stories of NeuroStar ambassadors will be amplified through strategic efforts across social, digital, and earned media. For more information about NeuroStar TMS Therapy, visit

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