YPrime Introduces Innovative Assessment Tool to Enhance Clinical Trials for Autoimmune Diseases


MALVERN, PA — YPrime has unveiled its latest innovation, the Tender Swollen Joint Count (TSJC) assessment. This tool is designed to revolutionize the way disease activity affecting joints is measured in clinical trials, offering a blend of speed, accuracy, and user-friendly technology to improve data quality and expedite the development of new therapies.

With over 50 million Americans living with autoimmune diseases, the need for advanced clinical trial solutions has become increasingly urgent. YPrime’s TSJC assessment aims to meet this demand by providing a more efficient and accurate method of assessing joint health, a common concern among patients with autoimmune conditions.

Colin Cleary, Senior Vice President, Strategic Solutions at YPrime, emphasized the patient and client-focused development of the TSJC tool. “This advancement is the culmination of extensive research, including feedback sessions, focus groups, and interviews with joint assessors,” Cleary noted. The result is an electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) solution that simplifies data collection while ensuring high-quality results.

The TSJC assessment distinguishes itself through several key features:

  • Effortless Data Capture: Its intuitive interface reduces the likelihood of errors and incomplete data, facilitating the collection of reliable information.
  • Improved Efficiency: A unique body map feature allows for quick identification and evaluation of joints, streamlining the assessment process compared to traditional methods.
  • Enhanced Data Quality: Features such as real-time eligibility checks, a two-step review process, and detailed audit trails ensure the accuracy and transparency of data, crucial for regulatory compliance and the integrity of study findings.

Mike Hughes, Chief Product Officer at YPrime, highlighted the broader implications of this innovation. “The TSJC assessment not only makes data collection more straightforward but also minimizes the potential for user error, leading to quicker study execution, dependable outcomes, and ultimately, better patient care.”

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This development represents a significant leap in the field of clinical research, particularly for studies focused on autoimmune diseases where joint health is a critical indicator of disease activity. By improving the efficiency and accuracy of data collection, YPrime’s TSJC assessment promises to accelerate the pace of clinical trials and support the development of therapies that could dramatically improve the lives of millions of patients.

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