Vishay Intertechnology Launches Next-Gen Silicon Carbide Diodes for Enhanced Power Efficiency

Vishay Intertechnology

MALVERN, PAVishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) has unveiled 16 new Gen 3 1200 V silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes. These next-generation devices are designed to improve efficiency and reliability in switching power applications through advanced technology.

Advanced Design and Features

The new SiC diodes from Vishay incorporate a merged PIN Schottky (MPS) design. This design combines high surge current robustness with low forward voltage drop, capacitive charge, and reverse leakage current. The result is increased efficiency and reliability in switching power designs.

The diodes cover a range of currents from 5 A to 40 A and are available in various packages including TO-220AC 2L, TO-247AD 2L, TO-247AD 3L, and D²PAK 2L (TO-263AB 2L). They feature a low capacitance charge down to 28 nC and a reduced forward voltage drop of 1.35 V, thanks to laser annealing technology. Additionally, they exhibit a low typical reverse leakage current down to 2.5 µA at 25 °C, which minimizes conduction losses and ensures high system efficiency during light loads and idling. Unlike ultrafast diodes, these Gen 3 devices have virtually no recovery tail, further enhancing efficiency.

Applications and Performance

These diodes are suited for a variety of demanding applications, including AC/DC power factor correction (PFC), DC/DC ultra-high frequency output rectification in FBPS and LLC converters for solar power inverters, energy storage systems, industrial drives and tools, and data centers. Their robustness is highlighted by their capability to operate at temperatures up to +175 °C and handle forward surge ratings up to 260 A.

For harsh environments, diodes in the D²PAK 2L package feature a molding compound with a high comparative tracking index (CTI) of 600, ensuring excellent electrical insulation at elevated voltages.

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Reliability and Compliance

These new SiC diodes meet rigorous reliability standards. They are RoHS-compliant and halogen-free, having passed high-temperature reverse bias (HTRB) testing for 2000 hours and temperature cycling testing through 2000 thermal cycles. This makes them highly reliable for critical applications where long-term performance is essential.

Vishay’s SiC Diodes Revolutionize Efficiency & Reliability

The introduction of these advanced SiC diodes marks a significant step forward for Vishay Intertechnology in the power electronics market. As industries move towards more efficient and reliable power solutions, these diodes offer a competitive edge by addressing key performance parameters such as surge current robustness, low forward voltage drop, and minimal reverse leakage current.

The practical implications are far-reaching. In solar power inverters and energy storage systems, for instance, improved efficiency translates directly into better energy utilization and cost savings. For industrial drives and data centers, enhanced reliability means reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

Moreover, the ability of these diodes to operate in harsh environments broadens their applicability across a range of sectors, from renewable energy to data-intensive industries. By meeting stringent reliability standards, Vishay ensures that these devices can be trusted in critical applications, reinforcing the company’s position as a leader in semiconductor technology.

In conclusion, Vishay’s latest SiC diodes represent a blend of cutting-edge technology and practical solutions for modern power systems. Their introduction is poised to benefit a wide array of applications, driving forward efficiencies and reliability in the power electronics landscape.

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