Lasko Unveils New Fans to Beat the Heat, Touting Energy Efficiency and Quiet Operation

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WEST CHESTER, PA — In anticipation of the rising temperatures that accompany the approach of summer, Lasko Products has expanded its lineup of cooling solutions with the introduction of two new fan models. The company’s latest offerings, the WhisperForce 18″ Pedestal Fan and the SlimForce 42″ Space-Saving Tower Fan, promise powerful airflow combined with features designed for efficiency and quiet operation, aimed at enhancing the consumer’s home environment.

The WhisperForce Pedestal Fan stands out for its EcoQuiet DC motor, reportedly making it 75% quieter and 98% more energy-efficient than its AC motor counterparts. This model offers flexibility with adjustable height and fan head positions, alongside a variety of speed settings tailored to the user’s preference, including whisper, breeze, and turbo modes. The inclusion of a multi-function remote control and an 8-hour timer underscores the fan’s convenience and energy-saving potential.

Similarly, the SlimForce Tower Fan is designed for those seeking a blend of sleek aesthetics and strong performance. Capable of moving air at speeds up to 1,540 feet per minute and featuring 90° oscillation, this fan aims to deliver comprehensive room coverage. It also prioritizes safety with a childproof design and maintains a low noise profile, making it suitable for use in environments where quiet is paramount. Like its pedestal counterpart, it comes with several speed settings, a remote control, and a 12-hour timer for enhanced user control.

Both models incorporate Lasko’s Blue Plug™ Trusted Safety Fuse Technology, which integrates a fuse directly into the fan’s plug as a safeguard against electrical faults, further ensuring the safety of its users.

Brian Schaadt, Business Unit Director of Fans at Lasko Products, emphasized the company’s dedication to improving consumer comfort through innovative and reliable home environment solutions. With these new products, Lasko aims to address the dual demands of effective cooling and operational efficiency, catering to the modern consumer’s desire for products that perform well without intruding on their daily lives through noise or high energy costs.

The strategic launch of these fans at Sam’s Club, priced at $49.98, reflects Lasko’s approach to accessibility and affordability in home cooling solutions. As consumers increasingly prioritize energy efficiency and quiet operation in their appliances, Lasko’s new fans could set a benchmark in the market, potentially influencing competitors and consumer expectations alike.

With summer approaching, the release of the WhisperForce and SlimForce fans not only provides timely relief from the heat but also represents Lasko‘s commitment to innovation in the home comfort sector. As households across the nation prepare for warmer weather, these new offerings could play a key role in defining how consumers choose to stay cool in the coming months.

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