Ricoh Divests eDiscovery Business to Array, Bolstering Legal Tech Landscape

Ricoh USA

EXTON, PA — Ricoh USA, Inc. has announced the sale of its eDiscovery Services business to Array, a litigation support firm known for its comprehensive suite of legal services. This transaction not only marks a significant shift in Ricoh’s business strategy but also emphasizes Array’s commitment to expanding its footprint in the eDiscovery and legal solutions market.

Ricoh’s eDiscovery division, renowned for its ISO 9001:2015 quality-certified evidence and document management solutions, has carved out a niche in providing litigation support services that seamlessly blend technology, defensible processes, and professional services tailored to the unique demands of the legal industry. Through innovative solutions designed to offer insight and control, Ricoh eDiscovery has empowered organizations to make informed decisions, uncover critical information early, manage costs proactively, and mitigate risk effectively.

The acquisition by Array represents a pivotal moment for both entities, positioning them to offer more specialized services that enhance the capabilities of legal teams across the board. It aligns with Ricoh’s ongoing strategy to focus on developing high-growth solutions aimed at optimizing the workplace experience in a hybrid environment, leveraging the scale and technical expertise that customers have come to trust.

For Array, this deal signifies an opportunity to accelerate growth and expand its product offerings in the eDiscovery space, a sector that is increasingly critical as digital transformation reshapes the legal landscape. The integration of Ricoh’s eDiscovery services into Array’s portfolio promises to deliver a more robust suite of legal services, catering to the evolving needs of clients in this dynamic sector.

Carsten Bruhn, President and CEO of Ricoh North America, emphasized the customer-centric rationale behind the transaction, stating, “This deal signifies Ricoh’s continued commitment to put our customers’ needs first and to ensure every strategic business decision we make is to their benefit.” He further noted that the decision to transition the eDiscovery business to Array reflects a deliberate effort to enhance the value delivered to the legal industry while allowing Ricoh to concentrate on its core competencies.

Thadd Hale, CEO of Array, lauded the acquisition as a milestone that will deepen the company’s litigation service offerings and fortify its position in the competitive legal technology solutions arena. “Customers will be able to benefit from our deepened expertise and eDiscovery capabilities they need to thrive in today’s market,” Hale remarked, highlighting the strategic significance of this enhancement to Array’s comprehensive service portfolio.

The advisory role of Arbor Ridge Partners in orchestrating this transaction points to the complex dynamics at play in the legal tech mergers and acquisitions landscape. As companies like Ricoh and Array recalibrate their strategies to adapt to changing market conditions, their moves are closely watched by industry observers for insights into broader trends affecting the legal services sector.

This development holds substantial implications for the future of legal technology solutions. By combining Ricoh’s proven eDiscovery capabilities with Array’s litigation support prowess, the merged entity is set to offer a more comprehensive array of services that address the multifaceted challenges faced by legal professionals today. As the industry continues to evolve, the strategic realignment of resources and expertise such as this could herald a new era of innovation and efficiency in legal tech, benefiting firms and their clients alike.

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