Top 10 Strategies for Generating Content Ideas for Your Business Blog

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Every business should strive to keep a lively blog. Your blog is a powerful source of inbound marketing and SEO. It can be used to attract casual readers or boost your credibility with expert knowledge content. Your blog can be a place to share news, show the human behind-the-scenes personalities of your team, and share events. But it’s also all too easy to fall into a blog-rut, writing the same five articles by different names in repetition.

How do you keep your blog ideas fresh, relevant, and interesting to your audience? Fortunately, there are many strategies that can inspire your blog content and show off your brand’s expertise.

1) Information About Products and Services

Showcase your products. Make it informative, not commercial. Talk about the materials and why you chose certain features. Provide a guide for machine and device products. Share your recommendations for sets and product combinations, like camping gear or office furniture. Tell the story of a product’s invention, history, or a personal story use-case. There are many ways to spotlight your products beyond promotional blurbs.

2) Expert-Driven Advice and How-Tos

Many brands thrive on providing a steady supply of how-to articles fueled by their team’s expert knowledge. Appliance repair teams often share how-tos on easy home fixes that don’t need a technician. Furniture brands often share how-to home decoration and software brands provide how-tos on projects that can be done with their digital tools.

3) Your Social Media Audience

Always listen to your audience. If you have a lively social media campaign, pay attention to the discussions. Ask your audience what they want to read or listen to the topics they find most interesting. Follow trends that your audience follows and take advice from their Thursday afternoon status wisdom. You can learn more about your brand’s appeal from your audience than your own self-perception.

4) Seasonal Content that Matches Your Campaigns

Every season is an opportunity for specialty blog posts. Celebrate the holiday, announce and share your sales, promote charity partners, and give fun holiday advice. Your brand’s product and personality can shape your approach to seasonal content. You can also align each season with your ongoing campaigns, applying the seasonal theme to each campaign’s slogan.

5) Send a Survey

Ask your audience directly what they want to read. The larger your audience, the more interesting the results will be. You might discover a few new Frequently Asked Questions to add to the page – something many people want to know. But with a great survey, you can also get original blog ideas worth months or years of expanded content.

6) Behind-the-Scenes Facts and Insights

Share what your team is like behind the scenes. Reveal the human side of the company and the passion that drives you. Show off your product designer engineers or spotlight the office pets. Invite your team members to even write their own blogs if they have ideas and interesting expert information to share. This look into your team can help to build a stronger real connection with every member of your reading audience.

7) Recent Events & Their Relevant Effects

Catch hot topics and recent events in your blog articles – but not what everyone else is writing. Write about how these events affect your industry and your specific audience. Look through the lens of your expertise on how current events will affect the market or methods your fellow pros could use to thrive in the coming changes. This kind of content is where creative thought leadership comes from.

8) Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions

Look to your reviews for some interesting ideas on what to write. Is there a common misunderstanding or some unusual compliments in the reviews? You might find some great personal stories from people who would agree to share their unique use-cases. Your frequently asked questions can also inspire blog posts with more in-depth answers, explanations of why, and cool related facts.

9) Write a Series

Another fuel for blog ideas is to work on a series of articles. A construction developer might decide to spotlight every building or neighborhood they’ve ever built with gallery blogs and style descriptions. An accountant’s office might do a series explaining the many types of investment or savings accounts. A clothing brand might do a series on clothing styles for seasons and occasions.

10) Social Media Influencer Trends

Finally, keep an eye on social media influencers liked by your audience or related to your industry. These influencers are often canaries to hot topics and current trends. You can also partner with social media influencers to mutually boost each other’s fame and strategy. The right influencer partner will work closely with you to create the most benefit for most parties by sharing trends and exposure with your brand and keeping you in the loop on good blog topics to expand on.


Businesses in Chester County have a lot to gain from developing a business blog. A blog requires very little overhead and provides a serious boost to your search engine visibility. It can also serve as an information center for useful tips, FAQ answers, product guides, and a way to impress customers with your expert advice.

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