Alita Rovito Endorsed by the Chester County Democratic Committee

Alita Rovito

 WEST CHESTER, PAAlita Rovito, Esq., was endorsed by the Chester County Democratic Committee on Tuesday evening with 83% of the vote. In this hotly contested five-way race, Rovito emerged as the clear favorite. 

“Alita Rovito’s 15-year experience as a hearing officer in Chester County Family Court clinched the endorsement. She is the only candidate with actual judicial experience and is ready to serve on day one. As a hearing officer, she acted as a trial judge for family court. She presided over a courtroom, swore in and listened to witnesses testify, judged credibility, and wrote extensive reports outlining opinions, based on the facts and the law applicable, in resolution of the case presented,” notes Molly Wood, Rovito’s campaign manager. 

Rovito stated, “As a former Democratic Committee Person for West Goshen, I am deeply grateful for the endorsement and support of the Committee Persons of Chester County, Democratic Elected Officials, and Democratic Appointees. I look forward to working as a team with the Chester County Democratic Committee on the road to victory with a primary win on May 18, 2021 and a general election win on November 2, 2021. It would be my greatest honor to serve the citizens of Chester County as a Judge on the Court of Common Pleas.”

Rovito has 33 years legal expertise serving the citizens of Chester County. She served as a Chester County Assistant District Attorney for six years and was the first managing attorney for the Child Abuse Unit. Chester County was one of the first two child abuse units in the state; this unit became a prototype for Child Abuse Units across the Commonwealth. In 2009, Rovito went into private practice representing men and women in matters of family law. She has served as an advocate, mediator, and private arbitrator. 

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Rovito states, “I take the old label of  ‘attorney and counselor at law’ seriously as I believe that I have an obligation to help my clients come to a resolution that is fair and just to all the parties.”

Rovito has served as an educator for other attorneys through continuing legal education, as a Mock Trial coach for high school and college students, as a Moot Court judge for college students, as a leader for the Girl Scouts, as a board member for the Crime Victims Center, and as a volunteer for the Access to Justice Program. Alita is a graduate of Penn State University and Dickinson School of Law. Alita’s experience, both personal and professional, makes her uniquely qualified to be a compassionate and fair Judge on the Court of Common Pleas.

At the time of this printing, Rovito is also proudly endorsed by the Chester County Young Democrats; Fredda Maddox, Esq., Chester County Sheriff; Chris Pielli, Esq., Chester County Recorder of Deeds; Michele Vaughn, Chester County Register of Wills; Peter Urscheler, Mayor of Phoenixville; and many other distinguished individuals, both Democrats and Republicans, throughout Chester County. 

To learn more about Alita Rovito’s campaign for Judge on the Court of Common Pleas, visit, or connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @rovitoforjudge.

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  1. Very poorly written in that the article does not say what office she is running for until the 6th paragraph – very far down in the article!

  2. Yes, I did see that sign behind her photo that says, “Court of Common Pleas,” but the reader has no idea whether that is her office and she is already a judge there and perhaps is running for a higher judgeship or if that is the office she is seeking.

  3. This article is an example of poor writing and editing. .
    Not until the end of the third third paragraph, does a reader find out that the endorsement was for this person’s campaign for a Judge on the Court of Common Pleas.
    The first paragraph notes the “hotly contested five-way race“, but fails to mention what the race was about.

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