Most Chester County Small Businesses Fail to Take Advantage of Social

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Chester County small businesses have an edge when it comes to local online marketing. Yet, many have fallen short of the mark. Despite all the reported data, educational materials and marketing tools, Chester County small businesses are lagging behind. However, this is not just a Chester County issue. According to Statista, a leading provider of market and consumer data, only roughly 50 percent of all small businesses believe Social Media is an important tool for increasing revenue, or think Social Media is important for advertising, promoting events and recruiting new hires. Worse yet, 60 percent of small business owners fail to track their Return on Investment (ROI) from their social media activity.

Regardless, approximately 72 percent of adult internet users are on Facebook and 70 percent will log on daily, including 43 percent who do so several times per day. Also, content consumption continues to increase across all social platforms. Consumers are using Social Media to share their experiences with companies, seek recommendations, and evaluate a business’ credibility. So, while Social Media Marketing is no longer just a nice luxury, many Chester County small businesses are apparently ignoring the opportunity.

Only 51 percent of small business owners believe Social Media can drive sales, and even more lack any formal social marketing strategy, according to Gallup.  Despite the overabundance of information and resources, and essentially having the home court advantage, small businesses are failing to compete in the highly localized social media market. Nevertheless, with a few adjustments, local Chester County businesses can develop incredibly sophisticated and powerful online marketing strategies. So, today’s article will highlight some of the best social media marketing practices which will increase a business’ online visibility, boost online reputation, and drive customers to a local store location.

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