Top 10 Places to Live in Chester County, Ranked for 2021

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Chester County is popular for its quaint small towns and beautiful landscapes. Between the rolling hills and charming historic buildings, it is hard not to fall in love with this gorgeous gem. Moreover, the area is full of history and culture, growing industries, and some of the top school districts in the nation. All of this makes Chester County one of the best places to live in.

Here are the top 10 places to live in Chester County according to

Best Places to Live in Chester County for 2021

1. Chesterbrook

Chesterbrook is a wonderful neighborhood located in West Chester. There are 18 parks in the community that offer many recreational activities. The parks have tennis courts, basketball courts, a swimming pool, and even a dog park. Chesterbrook is also among the safest neighborhoods in Chester County.

2. Berwyn

As one of the smallest and nicest locales in West Chester, Berwyn is made up of a family-friendly community. It has numerous large parks, coffee shops, and restaurants. With a total population of 3,531, most of whom own their homes, this residential place offers residents a mix of an urban and suburban feel.

3. East Whiteland Township

East Whiteland Township, located on the outskirts of West Chester, is among the best places for families to live. The township offers a dense suburban feel with many open spaces, parks, restaurants, and coffee shops. With an A+ grade, East Whiteland is home to 11,841 people and provides schools and security for all its residents.

4. Exton

Exton is one of the most recognized towns in Chester County, with a bustling community of 5,382 residents. It features a deep suburban environment with many restaurants, shops, and entertainment parks. Most locals here are young professionals and families who rent their homes and uphold moderate political views. Exton also has many well-rated public schools and is known for its crime rate.

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5. Devon

Devon is an affluent suburb of Philadelphia. It has a population of 1,869 people, with most of them being conservative young professionals. The crime rate in this town is low, and its public schools rate highly. This suburb is home to many small businesses, restaurants, and entertainment parks, with most people walking to get around.

6. Charlestown Township

Charlestown is a wonderful place to live in Chester County, with a crime-free environment and a population of 5,941. The township provides a mixture of a rural and suburban feel and highly rated public schools. Most of its residents are young professionals who own their homes and enjoy the various social amenities like enjoyment parks and restaurants.

7. East Marlborough Township

Most people consider East Marlborough Township among the prime areas to reside in Chester County. The reasons for this include the high security, the rural and suburban feel, and the highly-rated public schools. With only 7,388 residents, the township is home to retirees, most of whom own their homes. Most of its population is leans conservative in political matters.

8. Upper Uwchlan Township

Upper Uwchlan Township boasts of having the most affluent people in Chester County. The township has a population of 11,560 and is a good choice for families. The crime rate here is low, and the schools are among the highest-rated in Pennsylvania. The majority of residents own their homes and are more conservative on the political spectrum.

9 Birmingham Township

Birmingham Township has 4,204 residents, an A+ public school rating, A- in safety, and A in housing. Most residents here own their homes and are a mix of young professionals and families. The township also has many nearby attractions, shops, and restaurants. The community ranks #15 on’s Best Suburbs to Buy a House in Pennsylvania list.

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10. Lionville

Lionville is a small town in Chester County that offers various entertainment parks, restaurants, and other attractions. The township has an A+ public school ranking A- in housing since most residents own their homes. The township is affluent and has a population of 6,398. Residents are a mix of families and young professionals with conservative political views.

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