5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Online Healthcare for a Healthier You

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With the growing trend of digital technology and the internet, getting healthcare online has become a significant leap toward easy access to healthcare services. As a patient, it’s essential to understand the available resources to access healthcare online. However, with the ocean of information on the internet and different healthcare portals, it’s necessary to consult with your doctor to know the best-suited digital tools for you. Here are five questions to help you navigate the online healthcare experience with your doctor.

1. “I’ve heard digital tools can help me get healthier or stay well. What can you tell me about digital health?”

Digital health is using technology, such as wearable devices or mobile apps, to monitor your health, track your fitness goals, and manage your medication schedule or medical conditions. Your doctor can familiarize you with various digital health tools that best suit your medical needs to help you lead a healthier life.

2. “Are there any digital health tools that would be particularly useful given my diagnosis?”

Your medical condition may require specific digital health tools tailored going to your unique needs. Some digital health tools are specifically created to address patients with diabetes, heart disease, or anxiety, while others are more general. Your doctor should be able to guide you in choosing digital health tools that are best suited for your diagnosis.

3. “Does your practice have a patient portal?”

A patient portal is an online platform where you can view your medical history, test results and communicate with your healthcare provider. Patient portals are secure and confidential communication tools that help you access your health information from anywhere, anytime. Check with your doctor if their practice offers a patient portal and how you can register.

4. “Does your patient portal include e-visits?”

E-visits are virtual visits with your doctor, and they have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and flexibility. They can be done through text messages, email, or video conferencing platforms. If your doctor’s patient portal offers e-visits, ask for more information about how they work and when they can be used as they might not be appropriate for all medical conditions.

5. “What are the best sources of health information for patients on the Web?”

There is a vast amount of health information online, which can be overwhelming and confusing. Your doctor can recommend reputable websites for you to access medical information to help you make informed healthcare decisions. These sites can guide you on various medical conditions, treatments, and healthy living.

Asking your doctor about online healthcare is crucial to know the best resources and tools available for you. Being informed and equipped with the right information can help you manage your medical health effectively and have a better healthcare experience. Consult your doctor to know more about digital health, patient portals, e-visits, and reputable sources of health information. Stay informed, stay healthy!

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