Another 10 Movies Starring Chester County, PA

Another 10 Movies Starring Chester County, PAImage by Amit Kumar/Pixabay

Seeing a place you know in a movie is always exciting, and Chester County, PA shows up in a bunch of movies. In fact, we already wrote an article about our top ten picks. Guess what? We found ten more! Check out another ten movies with Chester County, PA as a backdrop.

10. Sickness (2017)

Another horror movie in Chester County! An interesting concept, Sickness revolves around a group of strangers who are left with their sanity while the rest of the world goes “insane” due to a mysterious illness. Ten years after I Am Legend, similar story, but not nearly as well done. An indie film that was filmed in numerous areas of PA, particularly West Chester.

9. That Night (1992)

One of the movies that was mentioned in the comments of our first list, That Night stars Juliette Lewis, C. Thomas Howell, and a very young Eliza Dushku as well as a very young Katherine Heigl. A movie set in 1961, a ten-year-old helps her seventeen-year-old neighbor follow a forbidden love. Maybe a little awkward storyline, but a nice story of friendship. The neighbor’s love interest works at Ox-Grove Lanes, a former bowling alley in Oxford, PA.

8. The Benefactor (2015)

An interesting drama with a philanthropist, Richard Gere, attempting to relive his past by meddling with newlyweds. Filmed in around Philadelphia, there are plenty of cameos of neighboring Chester County and the ‘burbs, as Gere becomes increasingly obsessed with a specific couple and begins spiraling out of control.

7. The Distance Between Us (2014)

A sweet, somewhat cheesy, romance, this movie follows two young, Indian immigrants who are friends and software engineers together. The basic story is of a nerdy boy who loves a girl and she doesn’t see him that way. It is kind of cheesy, but still a really cute movie. West Chester and Malvern were two of the filming locations.

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6. Uncommitted (2015)

An indie romance film that centers around a guy, who does not believe in marriage, trying to choose between marrying the girl he loves or living with a girl who shares his beliefs about marriage. In a somewhat predictable fashion, events in his friend’s lives help clarify what matters (raise your hand if you have heard this before). One of the houses featured in the movie is in West Chester, PA. with a studio in Malvern also a location.

5. Beloved (1998)

An intense horror/thriller movie that is based on Toni Morrison’s book of the same name, Beloved is set soon after the Civil War and stars Oprah Winfrey as a former slave, Danny Glover, as well as Thandie Newton as Winfrey’s reincarnated daughter. Though the movie is set in Cincinnati, portions were filmed within Valley Forge National Historical Park, located in Chester and Montgomery Counties, having some notable scenes with Oprah herself.

4. The Arrangement (2020)

A thriller/horror that gives new meaning to mysterious deaths. Two detectives investigate a series of mysterious deaths where the victim has a picture with the next victim, and so on. With some portions filmed in several areas of Chester County, mainly West Chester, there are lots of familiar places to see as these detectives grapple with these mysterious deaths.

3. ImagiGARY (2015)

A super cute comedy featuring several stars of the TV show The Middle that features the scary first week of college. The main character, a 19-year-old freshman, played by Charlie McDermott, re-imagines his childhood imaginary friend Gary as a way to try and survive his first week of school. This re-make of Drop Dead Fred was filmed in West Chester, PA.

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2. The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

Another movie from the comments in our first list, with a portion filmed along Pennsylvania Route 896 in Chester County, and it is a cool crime drama. Featuring Geena Davis, as a mom and schoolteacher from Honesdale, Pennsylvania, who lost her memory only to find out she was a top-secret agent. She enlists a detective, played by Samuel L. Jackson, to help when some old buds from her top-secret killing days come to kill her. Some friends, right?!

1. Witness (1985)

The final movie on our list also comes from reader comments. While much of the production was filmed in Philadelphia and Lancaster County, portions were shot at the Parkesburg Train Station and along PA 896 in Chester County. This movie has quite the cast, starring Harrison Ford, Kelly McGillis, Danny Glover, Patti LuPone, and Viggo Mortensen in his acting debut, long before The Lord of the Rings movies. Ford plays a police officer who goes into hiding in Amish country to protect a young Amish boy who was the only witness to a murder. A great crime drama that even weaves in some romance.

Any other movies we missed? Any of your favorite scenes filmed in Chester County? Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. Lovely Bones filmed in partly in Coatesville, PA at Coatesville Area School District’s old South Brandywine Middle School while it was still an active building in the district. They used the school halls, lockers inside, and the corn field behind the school.

  1. The Happening was partly filmed in Phoenixville, pa, Chester County, near Valley Forge, and The blob at the colonial theatre in Phoenixville, pa,

  2. You forgot “The Blob. “Filmed all over Chester County. You missed “Taps “starring Sean Penn

    I’ve never even heard of any of those movies you picked.

  3. The Lovely Bones featured a Malvern house and South Brandywine Middle School in East Fallowfield.

  4. You should look up “Bright Victory” from 1951. Downtown Phoenixville and the Valley Forge Army Hospital play prominent parts as well as Kimberton. Also way ahead of social changes still facing us.

    1. Jason, you must be the smartest boy in your class! You made all the grownup people feel pretty dumb. I went back top and saw what you were talking about. Good for you!

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