Federal Grant Fuels Revitalization of Coatesville’s Ash Park

Rep Houlahan visits Coatesville Ash ParkSubmitted Image

COATESVILLE, PA — In a significant development for the City of Coatesville, Rep. Chrissy Houlahan has played a pivotal role in securing a $959,752 Community Project Funding Grant aimed at rejuvenating Ash Park, a cherished local green space. This financial boost is part of a broader effort to enhance community gathering places and address environmental challenges within the park.

“Recreation and gathering spaces are important pillars of our communities and foster connection between neighbors – that’s certainly been the case for Ash Park in Coatesville,” remarked Rep. Houlahan during her visit on Monday. She emphasized the dual benefits of the grant, which aims to invigorate community interaction in the park while introducing critical stormwater infrastructure upgrades to ensure its longevity.

Ash Park, nestled between Walnut and Kersey Streets, has long served as a communal hub for residents within a three-mile radius. The funding will kickstart the Ash Park Master Plan’s first two phases, which promise a comprehensive facelift to the 9.3-acre area. According to Coatesville Assistant City Manager Roberta Cosentino, the planned renovations include expanded play and recreation areas, a splash pad, family gathering spaces, and enhanced landscaping, all underpinned by new stormwater management solutions.

This initiative received strong backing from U.S. Senator Bob Casey, alongside Rep. Houlahan, through the House Appropriations Committee. It stands as one of 14 projects benefiting from the community-focused grant program, designed to funnel federal resources into local projects swiftly and effectively.

Coatesville City Manager James Logan expressed gratitude for the concerted efforts of Rep. Houlahan, Sen. Casey, and their teams in advancing this project through several rounds of review. “This significant funding supports improvements to a vibrant community centerpiece for families, visitors and especially young people to gather and enjoy for years to come,” Logan said.

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The grant also bolsters collaborations with the Greening Coatesville Initiative, Natural Lands, and The Alliance for Health Equity, who collectively contributed to the 2022 Master Plan for Ash Park. This strategy, which integrates feedback from residents and elected officials, was further supported by grant consultant Coleen Terry, signaling a community-driven approach to urban renewal.

The investment in Ash Park spotlights a growing recognition of the importance of public spaces in fostering community well-being and resilience. Beyond offering recreational opportunities, the project aims to tackle environmental issues such as stormwater runoff, which can lead to flooding and water quality problems. By addressing these concerns, Coatesville sets a precedent for how towns can blend community development with sustainable environmental practices.

This revitalization project marks a crucial step forward in enhancing the quality of life for Coatesville residents, promising a renewed space for engagement, leisure, and environmental stewardship. Through this collaborative effort between federal, city, and community partners, Ash Park is poised to become a model for how small cities can rejuvenate their public spaces while tackling pressing environmental challenges.

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