Call for Nominations: Westtown Historical Commission’s Annual Good Stewardship Award

awardImage by Artur Pawlak

WEST CHESTER, PA — The Westtown Historical Commission in Westtown Township is currently accepting nominations for their esteemed Good Stewardship Award. This prestigious accolade aims to acknowledge exceptional individuals who have demonstrated unwavering dedication in the preservation, repair, and restoration of historic properties within Chester County. By celebrating these commendable efforts, the commission hopes to inspire and foster a deep appreciation for our region’s rich historical heritage.

Westtown Historical Commission chair explained, “We like to recognize someone who has made efforts to maintain, repair, or restore their historic home. Chester County has a wealth of wonderful structures on private land, some dating back to the RevoluGonary War times or even before. When these buildings are on private properties, we want to encourage owners to be ‘good stewards’ of our history.”

Award recipients will receive recognition from the Westtown Historical Commission and be awarded a plaque at Westtown Day, held in the Fall at Oakbourne Park in Westtown. The plaque can be mounted to the outside of the historic property. The commission asks residents to send nominations, including the name of the Owner and the address of the property, to

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