The Real Threat to America: The Permanent Bureaucracy in Washington

America© Denisha Sandoval from Pexels / Canva

In the current political climate, it’s easy to point fingers at prominent figures like Donald Trump as the culprits behind America’s woes. But this narrative, peddled by corporate media and the establishment political class, particularly those on the left, obscures a more insidious threat: the permanent bureaucracy in Washington.

This isn’t a critique of individual civil servants, many of whom work diligently and without fanfare. Rather, it’s an indictment of a system that has grown into a leviathan, far beyond its constitutional mandate, feeding off taxpayer dollars while trampling on individual rights and freedoms.

The size and scope of this bureaucracy are staggering. It engulfs every aspect of American life, from education to healthcare to business, often leading to unnecessary government intervention and inefficiency. This sprawling apparatus not only drains resources but also stifles innovation and entrepreneurship through over-regulation.

Moreover, the permanence of the bureaucracy breeds resistance to change. Ingrained ways of working become sacrosanct, at odds with flexibility. This rigidity stifles creativity and prevents the use of common sense at the point of implementation.

Furthermore, the bureaucracy undermines the very principles of democracy. Instead of elected leaders driving policy, unelected officials often wield considerable power. This leads to a situation where government operates like a runaway train, unchecked and beyond democratic control.

The continuous accumulation of regulatory dictates further erodes democratic authority, turning what should be a hierarchy of accountability—from voters to elected policymakers to unelected officials—into a mere paper tiger. This lack of accountability and transparency is detrimental to a functioning democracy.

Bureaucracies can undermine democracy in other subtle yet potent ways, such as failing to adequately inform elected officials, purposefully slow-walking their duties, and distorting the flow of information. These actions not only betray the public trust but also undermine the legitimacy of democratic institutions.

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And trust, once lost, is hard to regain. Less than 25% of Americans trust the government to generally do the right thing—a damning indictment of the bureaucracy’s failure to serve its constituents. This lack of trust, if left unaddressed, threatens to undermine the very fabric of our democratic institutions.

It’s time we refocus our attention on the real threat. Instead of vilifying individuals like Donald Trump, let’s scrutinize the permanent bureaucracy in Washington. Let’s advocate for a constitutionally restricted government, significant cuts to government spending and taxation, and protection of individual rights, including property rights. Let’s oppose government interference with private property and uphold voluntary and contractual relations among individuals.

Only by confronting this bureaucratic behemoth head-on can we reclaim our democracy, restore public trust, and safeguard individual freedoms. The future of America depends on it.

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