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Save Lionville Station Farm

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If you live near Lionville, then I’m sure you must have seen the signs located in people’s yards, on the roads, and by stop signs. The signs are indicative of a recent development centered around Audubon Land’s proposed mega warehouse located on the heavily used Lionville Station Road. The initial plan was to build two warehouses on either side of the highway. One warehouse, named the I-76 Trade Center has already been approved. That particular property is planned to sit between 100 and Interstate 76. The other warehouse, named Lionville Trade Center, which is currently pending approval, is situated between Interstate 76 and Byers Road.

The Lionville Trade Center will consist of:

  • 4 warehouses totaling 1,960,000 sq ft operating 24/7
  • 348 Loading Docks
  • 394 tractor-trailer parking spots
  • 1,431 car parking spots
  • 40 trucker lounge stalls

The I-76 Trade Center will consist of:

  • 3 warehouses totaling 1,928,880 sq ft operating 24/7
  • 338 loading docks
  • 602 tractor-trailer parking spots
  • 1,278 car parking spots

Already, the local residents surrounding the area have voiced their concerns. Whether that be advertising their disapproval of the decision with the signs seen throughout the community, or by going and voicing their concerns at the multiple Uwchlan Township meetings. Additionally, there is a new website advertising this exact message. The website which is called “” has the proposed sketch plans, their impact statement, the timeline of the creation of these warehouses, and a petition that local residents can sign.

The following are excerpts taken from the savelsf website, and include the group’s impact statement. All credit goes to the original author. 

  • Traffic: Traffic on Routes 100 and 113 in the vicinity of this project is already problematic. The proposed mega-warehouse project will greatly impact these congested roads, especially when combined with the approved mega-warehouse development at Happy Days Farm, with similar numbers of loading docks, truck parking spaces, and car parking spaces.
  • Water: The proposed warehouses, associated roads, and parking lots will cover a significant amount of permeable land in an area where residents depend on clean well water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and household use. Toxic run-off (including oils, fuels, tire wear, antifreeze and other substances) will greatly impact the health and safety of residents.
  • Noise- Activities that create a nuisance, deprive residents of enjoyment of their homes, affect property values and quality of life, and create noise pollution which are prohibited in Uwchlan Township. The relentless 24/7 beep-beep-beeping emanating from an unyielding flow of semis as they back into their loading bays all fit the bill of “noise pollution” and directly impact residents’ quality of life.
  • Diesel exhaust pollution: With a total of 742 diesel truck loading docks and parking spaces, the area surrounding the warehouse facilities will become a concentrated source of diesel particulate emissions and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Air pollution, including diesel emissions, is associated with a wide variety of adverse health effects on the respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurological systems. The developing lungs of toddlers and school-age children are particularly vulnerable to VOCs.
  • Police/security/fire protection/ambulance: A facility of this type and magnitude with associated traffic and workforce will also negatively impact public services for police, fire, public infrastructure, and public works. Uwchlan Ambulance responds to over 5000 calls per year. Route 100 is the only practical road for ambulances to use when transporting to Chester County Hospital. Routes 401 and 30 are the primary routes for transporting to Paoli hospital (our area’s only trauma center). Route 113 is the primary route for transporting to Phoenixville Hospital. All these routes will become more congested if this project is approved. Delayed ambulance response times directly equates to poor patient outcomes, including permanent injury and death.
  • Environment: There are wetlands and streams throughout this property, along with habitat for aquatic and dry land plants, animals, and birds. Lionville Station farm is one of the last refuges for the area’s wildlife
  • Effect on local businesses/change of character of area: Heavy truck traffic, noise, diesel exhaust, and the industrial environment created by the warehouses will negatively impact local businesses and will irreparably change the character of the Chester Springs and Lionville areas.
  • Arguments in favor of this proposal: Centered on tax benefits for the Township and the creation of new jobs, data has not been provided to establish the accuracy of these claims. The Chester County year-end 2022 unemployment rate was 2.4%, significantly less than the Pennsylvania year-end unemployment rate of 4.3%. It is not a given that the developer will be able to fill these positions with a local labor force.

Additionally, the community at savelsf has created a Facebook page where residents can stay up to date on the developments of the warehouses. In the same way, they have also created a gofundme page with a goal of $50,000 to gain legal advice, and show Uwchlan Township that this community takes the proposed project seriously.  And who can blame them? This really goes to show how important and impactful citizens can be when they come together and show their support for something. If you would like to show your support, there is going to be a DASD board of directors meeting this Wednesday 5/10/2023 at 6:30 pm.

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