Eight Martial Arts Heroes Honored: Master Son’s Taekwondo Volunteers Recognized

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CHESTER SPRINGS, PA — At Master Son’s Eagle Taekwondo Academy, eight young practitioners recently had their dedication celebrated, as they received the prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award. The honorees, all volunteers at the Academy, were further recognized for their commitment with Bronze medals.

Master Son, an esteemed 8th Dan Black Belt holder and guide at the Academy, along with his band of volunteers, have been working diligently to empower children with the art and discipline of Taekwondo. This recognition is a testament to their enormous commitment to the physical and mental development of the young students in the Academy.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award is a significant acknowledgment of an individual’s dedication to their community and rewards their significant hours spent volunteering. For our Taekwondo heroes, Emith Robin, Rayaan Alam, Giovanna Carswell, Carter James Feehan, David Yejun Son, Esther Yejin Son, Dina Jabini, and Shrestha Samayamantula, this recognition was a source of immense pride and honor.

Playing pivotal roles in this community, these young volunteers, holding 1st and 2nd Dan Black Belts, have committed themselves to assisting in classes, mentoring younger students, and contributing to the Academy’s spirited atmosphere.

Master Son, with his mentorship and guidance, has empowered these volunteers and students in their Taekwondo journey. His focus on personal growth and leadership abilities, in addition to Taekwondo techniques, embodies the ethos of the Academy.

The impact of this training on the children is immeasurable—improving physical strength, enhancing flexibility, teaching respect, and contributing to an increase in confidence and self-control. The success stories of these children, empowered by the volunteers’ dedication, are a testament to the incredible impact of this training on their personal growth.

The journey to a Black Belt is by no means easy. With at least 3 years of training required to be eligible for a 1st or 2nd Dan Black Belt test, the students are evaluated for physical abilities, techniques, attitude, confidence, respect, and leadership skills.

The volunteers, all children aged 11 and above, have undertaken this journey. And it is their character, dedication to Taekwondo, and commitment to learning and leadership that has led them to this moment of recognition.

Master Son’s Eagle Taekwondo Academy continues to foster a spirit of volunteerism and community service. By setting high goals for their students, the Academy instills resilience, perseverance, and a sense of responsibility – a testament to their commitment to their students’ broader development beyond Taekwondo techniques.

To other young people inspired by these volunteers, the message is clear – hard work, dedication, and persistence pay off. Let these words guide your journey, paving the way to a meaningful and beautiful life.

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