New State Funding Boosts Housing Stability Efforts in Southern Chester County

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KENNETT SQUARE, PA — A new state funding grant of $75,000 will aid Kennett Area Community Service (KACS) in supporting homeless prevention programs and housing stability initiatives in southern Chester County. State Rep. Christina Sappey and State Sen. John I. Kane announced the funding on Thursday.

Supporting Homeless Prevention

The funding is provided by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency through the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement (PHARE) fund. KACS plans to utilize this grant to enhance its Emergency Assistance Program, which addresses housing crises faced by families and individuals in the region.

Comprehensive Housing Support

KACS Executive Director Leah Reynolds outlined the various ways the funds will be used. The organization intends to bolster efforts in several key areas:

  • Homeless Prevention: Initiatives aimed at keeping families and individuals from losing their homes.
  • Housing Stability: Programs to ensure long-term housing security.
  • Diversion: Strategies to provide alternative solutions for those at risk of homelessness.
  • Emergency Housing: Immediate shelter options for those in urgent need.
  • Rapid Rehousing: Quick transition services to move people from homelessness to stable housing.
  • Eviction Prevention: Measures to prevent forced removals from homes.

Reynolds emphasized the critical importance of these funds, stating, “It is important now more than ever to help families stay in their homes because of the critical shortage of affordable and attainable housing.”

Officials Praise KACS Impact in Southern Chester County

State Rep. Christina Sappey highlighted the essential role of KACS in southern Chester County. “The impact that KACS makes towards the betterment of lives in southern Chester County cannot be overstated,” she said. Sappey expressed her commitment to continue supporting KACS’s efforts in addressing housing issues in the area.

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State Sen. John I. Kane echoed these sentiments, describing KACS as a “beacon of hope.” He believes the new funding will act as a significant boost for the organization. “This funding will be a real game changer, empowering KACS to be that helping hand to families when they need it most,” Kane stated. “This will make a real and tangible difference for our families, giving KACS the backing to continue their impact.”

Addressing the Housing Crisis

The new funding is crucial in an era marked by a severe shortage of affordable housing. As housing costs rise, many families face the threat of eviction and homelessness. Programs like KACS’s Emergency Assistance Program are vital in providing the necessary support to maintain housing stability for the most vulnerable populations.

Tackling Housing Challenges in Southern Chester County

Funding for the PHARE program comes from various sources, including Marcellus Shale impact fees, the Realty Transfer Tax, and the National Housing Trust Fund. This diverse funding mix ensures that communities like southern Chester County can receive the support needed to tackle housing challenges effectively.

By securing this grant, KACS can continue to offer comprehensive support to families and individuals facing housing crises. The initiative not only helps those directly affected but also contributes to the overall stability and health of the community.

In conclusion, the announcement of the $75,000 grant represents a significant step forward in addressing housing instability in southern Chester County. With continued legislative and community support, KACS remains poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of many residents.

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