“Rescuing Mom” Exposes the Shadows of Elder Abuse and Mental Illness

Christina DiArcangeloSubmitted Image

CHESTER SPRINGS, PA — Christina DiArcangelo, a noted author and healthcare advocate, has released her memoir and self-help book, “Rescuing Mom.” This poignant narrative sheds light on the grim realities of elder abuse and mental illness while encouraging readers to channel their inner strength for justice.

In “Rescuing Mom,” DiArcangelo recounts her personal journey through the dark corridors of elder abuse and mental illness that plagued her mother’s life. The book details her relentless pursuit of justice, her collaboration with authorities, and the resilience required to be a real-life superhero for a loved one in distress.

The memoir delves into several key themes:

  • Elder Abuse: The book unveils the harsh impact of elder abuse on families.
  • Mental Illness: It explores how mental health challenges affect family dynamics.
  • Superhero Strengths: DiArcangelo highlights the inner resilience and determination needed to confront these issues.
  • Pursuit of Justice: It documents the efforts to work with authorities to hold perpetrators accountable.

“In ‘Rescuing Mom,’ I lay bare the strength inherent in facing adversity—a testament not just to my journey, but a rallying cry against elder abuse,” DiArcangelo said. “This memoir serves as a guide, urging others on their path of resilience and justice. We must persist, ensuring justice is served. My mother’s legacy transcends the crimes committed against her, and I have had no choice but to become a beacon of strength, advocacy, and the unwavering commitment to standing against elder abuse.”

DiArcangelo’s narrative is more than a personal story; it is a call to action. She aims to inspire others to stand up against elder abuse and fight for a brighter, safer future for vulnerable individuals. Her book underscores the importance of resilience and the power of collective action in the pursuit of justice.

“Rescuing Mom” invites readers to harness their own superhero strengths, confront the shadows of abuse and mental illness, and join a broader movement for change. Through her words, DiArcangelo hopes to ignite a collective push for justice and a safer environment for those at risk.

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