Zentra Integrates Apple Wallet for Apartment Access


PHILADELPHIA, PA — Zentra, a brand under Allegion®, has introduced a new feature allowing residents to use their iPhones or Apple Watches to unlock apartment doors. This integration enables residents to add their keys to Apple Wallet and gain entry with a simple tap.

“This new feature reflects our commitment to prioritizing the needs of multifamily property owners and operators,” said Dave Ilardi, senior vice president and president of Allegion Americas. “We are excited to bring an enhanced living experience to residents, bolstered by improved security and streamlined operations.”

With the resident keys in Apple Wallet, residents can access building doors, amenity spaces, and individual units contact-free. The process involves holding the device near a door’s NFC-enabled lock. The Express Mode feature allows access without unlocking the device. Even if the iPhone’s battery is low, the Power Reserve feature ensures continued access.

For property owners and managers, this solution offers operational efficiency. Resident keys can be issued and managed remotely, reducing the need for physical key handling. This streamlines operations and improves the resident experience.

The integration leverages Apple’s privacy and security features. Data is encrypted, protecting against tampering and theft. Apple cannot see when or where a resident uses their key. If a device is lost, the Find My app can lock and locate it.

Currently, the resident key solution is available on several Schlage products. These include the Schlage Control® Mobile Enabled Smart Lock, Schlage NDE Mobile Enabled Wireless Cylindrical Lock, Schlage MTB Mobile Enabled Multi-technology Reader, and Schlage RC Reader Controller. Zentra plans to extend this functionality to the new Schlage XE360 Series later this year.

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This move by Zentra demonstrates a significant step forward in enhancing security and convenience for apartment residents, aligning with modern technological trends.

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