Wherehouse Beverage Co. Unveils COUNTDOWN ENERGY: A New Cannabis-Infused Energy Drink

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PENNSBURG, PA — In a bold move blending the worlds of cannabis and caffeine, Wherehouse™ Beverage Co., the creators behind popular cannabis-infused beverages WYNK™ and COUNTDOWN™, announced the recent launch of their latest product, COUNTDOWN ENERGY. This innovative drink combines 10mg of hemp-derived THC with 100mg of caffeine, offering consumers a unique buzz that promises to elevate a variety of activities without the hangover often associated with alcohol.

Angus Rittenburg, co-founder and CEO of Wherehouse Beverage Co., describes COUNTDOWN ENERGY as the perfect companion for an array of occasions, from enhancing a night out to providing a euphoric boost for gaming sessions or outdoor sports. With this launch, the company aims to cater to a growing demand for alternative recreational options that prioritize both enjoyment and well-being.

Each can of COUNTDOWN ENERGY is crafted with all-natural ingredients, lightly carbonated, and sweetened with cane sugar, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence at under 50 calories per serving. The drink’s rapid onset time of 10-15 minutes and a duration of up to 90 minutes offer a convenient and predictable experience, appealing to both seasoned cannabis users and novices alike.

The launch includes three tantalizing flavors:

  • Berry Force Energy: A blend of raspberry, cherry, and lime
  • Cosmic Lemonade Energy: A classic lemonade with a twist
  • Orange Blast Energy: A refreshing take on orange sherbert

This introduction of COUNTDOWN ENERGY into the market marks a significant moment in the evolution of cannabis consumption. Unlike traditional energy drinks, the inclusion of THC provides a milder, more customizable buzz, potentially attracting consumers looking for alternatives to alcohol and conventional caffeinated beverages.

The strategic combination of caffeine and THC taps into a niche yet expanding segment of consumers seeking products that offer both stimulation and relaxation. This dual functionality positions COUNTDOWN ENERGY as a pioneer in the burgeoning category of functional beverages that cater to specific lifestyle needs and preferences.

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As COUNTDOWN ENERGY rolls out in Ohio, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Jersey, with online availability in 23 states, it underscores a broader trend towards the normalization of cannabis-infused products in mainstream retail. This expansion not only reflects changing consumer attitudes towards cannabis but also highlights the potential for innovative products to carve out new markets within the competitive beverage industry.

However, the launch also raises questions about the regulatory landscape surrounding cannabis-infused products. As these items become more prevalent in everyday scenarios, from social gatherings to fitness routines, the need for clear guidelines and consumer education becomes increasingly apparent. This is especially true as manufacturers navigate the complex patchwork of state-specific regulations governing the sale and consumption of THC products.

For industry watchers, the success of COUNTDOWN ENERGY could signify a turning point in how companies innovate within the cannabis space, moving beyond traditional product forms to explore new ways of integrating THC into the consumer lifestyle. As the market for cannabis-infused beverages continues to grow, Wherehouse Beverage Co.’s latest offering may well set the stage for the next wave of product development, catering to a consumer base eager for novel and sophisticated experiences.

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