Veterinary Practice Partners Hits Milestone with 100th Veterinarian Co-Owner

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KING OF PRUSSIA, PA — Veterinary Practice Partners (VPP) has announced its 100th associate veterinarian recently became a clinic co-owner, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s mission to transform veterinary practice ownership. Since its founding in 2011, VPP has pioneered a partnership model that offers veterinarians a path to co-ownership, providing them with a stake in their practice and a say in its operations.

This innovative model is designed to empower veterinarians by allowing them to secure equity in their practices, fostering a sense of ownership and investment in the success of their business. The approach not only benefits the veterinarians and their families by offering financial and professional growth opportunities but also aims to create a more accessible and sustainable profession for future generations.

The acceleration of VPP’s model is evident, with nearly half of the total co-owners making the transition in the last two years alone—an indication of the growing confidence among veterinary professionals in this unique approach to practice ownership.

Haley Evans Webster, a co-owner at Sangaree Animal Hospital in Summerville, South Carolina, and one of the 100 veterinarians who have partnered with VPP, shared her positive experience, highlighting the balance between maintaining medical autonomy and running a successful business under the VPP model.

VPP’s model stands out in the veterinary sector for its commitment to preserving medical autonomy while promoting participatory ownership. This approach ensures that veterinarians directly influence the outcomes and success of their practices, challenging traditional models of veterinary practice management and offering a blueprint for the future of the profession.

Dr. Doug Aspros, Chief Veterinary Officer & Medical Advisory Board Chair of VPP, emphasized the significance of reaching the 100th co-owner milestone, viewing it as a testament to the model’s strength and its potential to positively impact the veterinary community. He reiterated VPP’s dedication to empowering veterinarians through ownership and decision-making capabilities, aiming to enhance the quality of care for patients, support practice teams, and serve communities more effectively.

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As VPP celebrates this landmark achievement, the company’s innovative partnership model continues to reshape the landscape of veterinary medicine, promising a more rewarding and sustainable future for veterinarians and the profession at large.

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