Veteran O’Dell Joins Forces with Non-profits for Mount Kilimanjaro’s “Epic Fundraising Mission”

Michael O'Dell, Warriors HeartSubmitted Image

PHILADELPHIA, PA — In a demonstration of pure grit and determination, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and Executive Director of Warriors Heart, Michael O’Dell, has announced his commitment to the Task Force Expedition’s (TFE) upcoming “Epic Fundraising Mission to Mount Kilimanjaro,” set to take place from June 27 to July 8, 2024. This Herculean endeavor is part of an overarching initiative to support the Frontline Healing Foundation, an organization that provides financial aid to veterans and first responders in need.

Infused with a passionate belief in the transformative power of physical fitness on the path to healing, O’Dell will team up with five non-profit organizations for an expedition whose goal extends far beyond summiting the world’s highest free-standing mountain. Rather, this mission aims to raise substantial funds that aid in the healing journeys of warriors and their dependents.

Each TFE team is an amalgamation of a selected non-profit organization and a corporate sponsor, responsible for financing the expedition. Among these teams, Team Frontline Healing Foundation enjoys the support of Crye Precision and Staccato.

O’Dell himself is no stranger to hardships. After serving time in prison in 2016, he channeled his energy into physical fitness, emerging stronger and resolute in his commitment to sobriety and healing. It was during this transformative period that he encountered Josh Lannon, CEO/Founder of Warriors Heart, at a Cross Fit gym. Their meeting led to O’Dell becoming an advocate at Warriors Heart and then eventually serving as the Executive Director of their Command Center.

Commending the mission of Warriors Heart, O’Dell shared, “At Warriors Heart we believe in ‘Strength Through Healing.’ Every warrior has their summit, and it takes strength, courage, tenacity, and willingness to stay on that journey.”

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The TFE’s mission is not a race to the summit; the real contest lies in the fundraising. The goal is to collectively raise a monumental $500,000. Every participating non-profit will receive an equal share of the funds raised, ensuring that every organization benefits significantly from the campaign.

This extraordinary fundraising adventure, unique in its scale and potential impact, will be documented by Prelude Films, thus amplifying the reach and exposure of the participating non-profits and their commendable work.

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