Unisys Innovation Program Celebrates Breakthrough Student Projects in India


BLUE BELL, PA — Unisys (NYSE: UIS) has announced the winners of its 15th annual Unisys Innovation Program (UIP), a competition that encourages collaboration between engineering students and industry leaders in India. The program, aimed at fostering innovation and technological advancement, saw a record number of entries this year.

Over 11,000 students registered, submitting more than 800 projects across ten themes, marking the highest participation since UIP’s inception in 2009. The event serves as a crucial platform for young engineers to showcase their talents and develop cutting-edge solutions.

The first-place prize went to students from the Ramaiah Institute of Technology for their project titled “Novel Centralized Methodology for Explainable Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and Enhancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ubiquity.” Their work focuses on enhancing transparency in medical diagnostics and self-driving cars using Internet of Things (IoT), AI, CNN, and Large Language Models (LLMs).

Ramaiah Institute of Technology also claimed second place with their project “Enhanced Solution for Garbage Collection and Segregation with Novel Litter Surveillance System.” This innovative waste management system integrates vermicomposting and automatic lid-opening sensors while encouraging community participation through an app, promoting environmental sustainability.

Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College secured third place with their project “Unlocking the Power of LLMs: Advanced Techniques for Cutting-Edge Video Analysis.” This initiative improves video content analysis, enhances security, and addresses surveillance challenges by leveraging AI, machine learning (ML) technologies, and LLMs.

“Each year, the Unisys Innovation Program brings together the next generation of innovators and gives them an opportunity to showcase their boundless imagination and rising talents,” said Chris Arrasmith, senior vice president, Enterprise Computing Solutions at Unisys. “It’s inspiring to see firsthand the passion these students bring to the competition. This program acts as a catalyst, nurturing India’s top talent pool and connecting companies with the next generation of promising individuals.”

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Projects were judged based on feasibility, viability, impact, originality, technical approach, and soft skills. Finalists presented their projects at the program’s closing ceremony for the final round of evaluation.

“The Unisys Innovation Program is a powerful platform meant to propel new talent forward. We seek to empower engineering students with the necessary skills and foresight to thrive in the modern technology landscape. The surge in registrations this year is a testament to the program’s established legacy,” said Sumed Marwaha, managing director for Unisys in India.

The significance of this competition extends beyond mere accolades. It represents a robust pipeline for tech talent in India, encouraging young minds to engage with real-world problems and devise practical solutions. By providing a platform for these students, Unisys helps cultivate a generation of engineers capable of driving technological innovation.

The implications are broad. As these young engineers enter the workforce, they bring with them not only technical expertise but also a mindset geared towards problem-solving and innovation. This aligns with industry needs and helps bridge the gap between academic training and professional demands.

The UIP’s continued success underscores the importance of industry-academic partnerships in fostering innovation. As more companies emulate such models, the tech ecosystem stands to benefit from an influx of fresh ideas and skilled professionals ready to tackle future challenges.

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