SpecialtyVETPATH Partners with Proscia to Digitize Veterinary Pathology, Unleashing New Efficiencies and Collaborative Opportunities


SEATTLE, WA and PHILADELPHIA, PA — SpecialtyVETPATH, a leading pathologist-owned laboratory, has announced its partnership with Proscia, a pioneer in digital and computational pathology solutions. This collaboration marks the laboratory’s shift from traditional microscope-based analysis to digital operations using Proscia’s Concentriq® platform, signaling a new era of efficiency and collaborative potential in veterinary diagnostics and research.

The move to digitize comes as digital pathology gains undeniable momentum for its ability to enhance confidence and streamline workflows, proving particularly beneficial for labs engaged in both diagnostic and research functions. Traditionally, such laboratories have grappled with the complexities and additional costs associated with utilizing disparate software solutions tailored to distinct aspects of their work. Proscia’s Concentriq platform, however, is designed to support both diagnostic and research pathology on a unified, enterprise scale, thereby eliminating these challenges.

Dr. Jennifer Ward, CEO and Laboratory Director of SpecialtyVETPATH, emphasized the significance of integrating a solution that does not compromise quality while facilitating growth. “Proscia’s Concentriq allows us to fully harness our transformation’s potential,” she stated, underscoring the strategic importance of deploying a system that bolsters their capabilities.

The transition to Proscia’s cloud-based software promises to redefine the operational dynamics at SpecialtyVETPATH. Beyond the evident boosts in efficiency, the platform is poised to foster greater collaboration among pathologists. By expanding the expertise pool available for consultations and improving access to pathologists for research groups, the initiative is set to elevate the quality of veterinary pathology services.

Furthermore, the integration of SpecialtyVETPATH’s ZRex laboratory information system with Concentriq not only ensures seamless operations but also lays the groundwork for adopting advanced technologies such as image analysis and artificial intelligence (AI). These technologies promise to further revolutionize pathology by enhancing diagnostic accuracy and facilitating groundbreaking research.

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David West, CEO of Proscia, expressed his company’s honor in being chosen to drive SpecialtyVETPATH’s digital transformation. “This partnership is founded on a shared vision for the future of pathology,” he noted, highlighting the strategic alignment between the two organizations.

This collaboration between SpecialtyVETPATH and Proscia represents a pivotal development in veterinary pathology. By leveraging digital technologies, the partnership not only sets a new standard for operational efficiency and diagnostic precision but also opens up exciting avenues for research and innovation. As digital and computational tools continue to evolve, the implications for improving veterinary care and advancing our understanding of animal health are profound, illustrating the transformative power of technology in modern medicine.

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