Signature Systems Partners with Red Lake Gaming to Enhance Casino Operations

Signature Systems

WARMINSTER, PA — Signature Systems, Inc. (SSI) has announced a new partnership with Red Lake Gaming Enterprises Inc. to deploy their signature product, PDQ POS, across three tribal gaming locations in Minnesota. This move is set to elevate the food and beverage operations at Seven Clans Casinos, enhancing guest experience and maximizing return on investment.

Red Lake Gaming Enterprises, the parent company of the three casino locations, will integrate SSI’s advanced point-of-sale (POS) systems, including kiosks and 3-in-1 kiosk-POS hybrids. These installations aim to streamline the guest ordering process and improve operational efficiency. The PDQ POS system will also be employed in the hotels associated with the casinos, offering a comprehensive solution for hospitality and food & beverage reporting.

“This upgrade is part of our commitment to offering the best experience to our guests at all three Seven Clans locations,” said Angela Dauphinais, CEO of Seven Clans Casinos. “PDQ POS gives us hospitality capabilities that we’ve never had before, but just as important to us, they value the importance of providing full support of their products. We know we can count on them to ensure our profit centers are running as efficiently as they can be.”

SSI plans to install dozens of PDQ POS terminals across the three locations: Seven Clans Red Lake, Seven Clans Warroad, and Seven Clans Thief River Falls, which also features a waterpark family entertainment center. The installation and training process is expected to take less than a week per location.

“Our new POS is an upgrade for our amenities, enabling exciting new capabilities and a further enhanced guest experience,” said Verdell Beaulieu Jr., General Manager of Seven Clans Casino – Thief River Falls.

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Revolutionizing Hospitality & Gaming: The Power of Tech Innovation at Seven Clans Casinos

The partnership between SSI and Red Lake Gaming Enterprises exemplifies how technology can transform traditional business operations, particularly in the competitive gaming and hospitality sectors. By implementing advanced POS solutions, Seven Clans Casinos aims to modernize its services and streamline operations, which can lead to higher guest satisfaction and increased profitability.

One of the key advantages of the PDQ POS system is its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing operations while providing robust support. This reduces downtime during the transition and ensures that employees can quickly adapt to the new system. With the enhanced POS system, guests can expect faster service, more efficient order processing, and a more personalized experience.

For Red Lake Gaming Enterprises, this technological upgrade is also a strategic move to stay competitive. The gaming and hospitality industry is increasingly driven by customer experience, and investments in technology are essential for maintaining and growing market share. By adopting PDQ POS, Seven Clans Casinos can offer a unique blend of entertainment and hospitality that appeals to both locals and tourists.

John White, EVP/CTO of Signature Systems, Inc., emphasized the strategic fit of their POS solutions in the tribal casino space. “Seven Clans Casinos will now receive the industry-leading support and features the PDQ brand is known for. We hope our partnership with this important community business will help them continue to thrive in an increasingly competitive space.”

In conclusion, the collaboration between Signature Systems and Red Lake Gaming Enterprises is a forward-thinking initiative that highlights the importance of integrating advanced technology in the hospitality and gaming industries. This partnership is poised to deliver significant benefits in terms of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, positioning Seven Clans Casinos for continued success.

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