Senator Amanda Cappelletti Announces Over $1.5 Million in Grants for Crime and Delinquency Programs

Grant money

NORRISTOWN, PA — Senator Amanda M. Cappelletti announced today that District Seventeen has secured $1,511,079 in grant funding from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD). These grants aim to enhance criminal justice services and support programs across Montgomery and Delaware counties.

Established by law in 1978, the PCCD serves as Pennsylvania’s justice planning and policymaking agency. It brings together experts in criminal and juvenile justice, victim services, and related fields to address problems, propose solutions, and evaluate their impacts.

“This funding will be crucial to providing the residents of our region with the services they deserve,” said Senator Cappelletti. She emphasized the importance of the indigent defense grants awarded to both Montgomery and Delaware counties. “I know our public defenders are invaluable to our communities and deserve state resources to aid them as they represent the most vulnerable of us.”

The PCCD allocates funding to organizations committed to its mission and priorities. On Wednesday, the commission approved funds from various grant programs, including indigent defense, the State Endowment Act, Intermediate Punishment Treatment, and State Substance Abuse Education and Demand Reduction (SAEDR).

Delaware County’s Executive Director was awarded $106,499 from the State FY 2023-24 Indigent Defense Grant Funds, while Montgomery County Commissioners received $111,833. These grants will bolster public defender services, ensuring that those who cannot afford legal representation still receive quality defense.

From the State Endowment Act Funds, the Child Advocacy Center of Montgomery County was awarded $100,000 to expand access for Spanish-speaking clients. The Family Support Line of Delaware County also received $100,000 to integrate mental health services into their programs.

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Intermediate Punishment Treatment Funds were provided to support rehabilitation efforts. Delaware County’s Executive Director was granted $555,000 for the County Intermediate Punishment Treatment Program for 2024-2025. Montgomery County Commissioners received $287,747 for the county RCP Supervision and Treatment Program, which aids in monitoring and rehabilitating offenders.

Finally, the Lincoln Center for Family and Youth, serving Delaware and Chester counties, was awarded $250,000 from the SAEDR Funds for its 2024 Seeking Safety Expansion program. This initiative focuses on substance abuse education and demand reduction, aiming to provide comprehensive support to those struggling with addiction.

Senator Cappelletti’s announcement highlights a significant investment in local justice initiatives. By securing these funds, she aims to strengthen the community’s ability to support its most vulnerable members and enhance overall public safety. The grants reflect a concerted effort to address complex issues within the criminal justice system, from legal defense to rehabilitation and mental health services.

The funding underscores Pennsylvania’s commitment to improving justice and support services across the state. As these programs take effect, residents in Montgomery and Delaware counties can expect more robust and accessible services, promoting a safer and more equitable community.

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