Radial Teams Up with Link Money to Revolutionize eCommerce Payments


KING OF PRUSSIA, PA — Radial, Inc., a leader in omnichannel commerce technology and operations, has announced a strategic partnership with Link Financial Technologies Inc., an open banking payment platform. The collaboration centers on the integration of Pay by Bank, a payment solution developed by Link Money that promises to transform how online transactions are conducted.

In the fiercely competitive world of eCommerce, merchants face constant challenges related to fraud, payment authentication, and card expiration issues. According to industry research, these problems are likely to cost the U.S. card industry a staggering $165.1 billion in losses to fraud over the next decade. This stark reality underscores the critical need for secure and efficient payment methods.

Enter Radial’s Pay by Bank solution, which facilitates direct fund transfers from customers’ bank accounts to merchants. This approach marks a significant shift away from traditional credit card and wallet transactions. Pay by Bank leverages Link Money’s proprietary AI and machine learning model to guarantee payments, providing merchants with greater security and eliminating the uncertainties associated with conventional payment methods.

“By working with Radial, we will be able to deliver our cost-effective, more secure, Pay by Bank payment method to their merchants,” said Shaun Vanderkaap, Vice President of Strategy at Link Money.

The benefits of this innovative solution go beyond security. Pay by Bank also reduces transaction fees by 70-80%, significantly boosting merchant profitability. Furthermore, the requirement for customers to authenticate payments in their trusted banking app reduces the risk of fraudulent activity. The elimination of payment card expiration also streamlines the payment process, freeing up valuable time that merchants previously dedicated to revenue recovery efforts.

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“With over 25 years of experience in payment processing and fraud management, we are committed to providing our merchants with the latest payment and fraud solutions through innovation and partnerships,” said Yvan Gilliard, Senior Vice President of Payment Solutions & Omnichannel at Radial.

This partnership represents a significant step toward revolutionizing the payment industry. As open banking emerges as a transformative force in eCommerce, offering a secure and appealing alternative to traditional payment methods, Radial and Link Money are poised to lead the charge with their user-friendly Pay by Bank solution.

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