Proscia Partners with Nucleai to Enhance Precision Medicine with AI-Powered Pathology


PHILADELPHIA, PA, and CHICAGO, ILProscia®, a leading provider of digital and computational pathology solutions, has entered into a partnership with Nucleai, an AI-based predictive biomarker company. This collaboration aims to integrate Nucleai’s advanced predictive biomarker solutions into Proscia’s Concentriq® software platform, revolutionizing precision medicine by offering more accurate patient care insights.

Integration and Impact

At the heart of this partnership is the integration of Nucleai’s AI-guided spatial mapping technology into Concentriq. This will enable diagnostic laboratories to leverage whole slide images—highly detailed digital images of tissue samples—to derive actionable insights. Nucleai’s technology will help in targeting patient recruitment for clinical trials and optimizing their execution. Moreover, it will serve as a companion diagnostic tool to match patients with the most effective treatments.

Nucleai’s solutions are already in use by over 60% of the top 20 biopharma companies, highlighting their scalability and high quality. “Today’s advanced therapies require advanced diagnostics,” said David West, Proscia’s CEO. “Software-based approaches, made possible by the proliferation of pathology imaging and AI capabilities, offer a radical new option for bringing these treatments to patients. By expanding our AI pipeline with Nucleai’s solutions, we will elevate the role of the diagnostic laboratory in precision medicine to benefit drug developers, pathologists, and patients alike.”

Concentriq Platform

Proscia’s Concentriq is an enterprise-grade pathology platform designed to handle all digital pathology data and AI-enabled workflows, from discovery to diagnosis. It supports a broad range of AI applications developed by Proscia, its customers, and third parties. The platform is currently used by 14 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and major diagnostic laboratories around the world, making it a significant player in the field of digital pathology.

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Revolutionizing Precision Medicine

The collaboration between Proscia and Nucleai addresses the increasing need for advanced diagnostic tools in precision medicine. With the complexity of modern therapies such as antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), multispecifics, immunotherapy, and combination therapies, there is a pressing need for sophisticated diagnostic solutions that can provide precise, actionable insights.

Avi Veidman, Nucleai’s CEO, emphasized the transformative potential of this partnership. “Together, Proscia and Nucleai will enable more pathologists and clinicians to convert the complex data from patient biopsies into precise, actionable insights that can drive better clinical trial and diagnostic decisions,” he said. “Our partnership holds tremendous promise for advancing next-generation treatment modalities. With the recent deployment of our technology to aid patient enrollment for an active trial and the growing need for AI-powered biomarkers across trials and diagnostics, this partnership represents a significant step forward in deploying our solutions at scale.”

Proscia and Nucleai’s Cutting-Edge Partnership

This partnership could significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials. By improving patient recruitment and optimizing trial execution, pharmaceutical companies can accelerate the development of new treatments. For pathologists and clinicians, the integration of AI-driven insights will facilitate more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Furthermore, the widespread adoption of these technologies may drive down costs associated with drug development and diagnostics. The ability to quickly and accurately analyze pathology data can reduce time-to-market for new therapies, benefiting both healthcare providers and patients.

In conclusion, the partnership between Proscia and Nucleai represents a substantial advancement in the field of precision medicine. By combining Proscia’s robust digital pathology platform with Nucleai’s innovative AI technologies, this collaboration promises to enhance diagnostic accuracy, streamline clinical trials, and ultimately improve patient care.

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