Proscia Expands Footprint in Diagnostic Pathology with AI-Enabled Solutions


PHILADELPHIA, PAProscia has significantly bolstered its presence in the diagnostic pathology market, achieving more than a 100% increase in its clinical customer base over the past year. The company’s growth comes amid rising global demand for digital pathology, driven by the need to transition from traditional microscopes to high-resolution images.

Proscia’s Concentriq® software platform enables laboratories to harness massive amounts of data contained in whole slide images. These images, each containing over one billion pixels, can be critical in advancing new therapies. Concentriq optimizes lab operations and sets the stage for future AI applications by fully leveraging this data.

Proscia Shines in Healthcare Tech

Proscia’s influence in the field was cemented with its inclusion in KLAS Research’s June 2024 Emerging Company Spotlight report. KLAS Research is a respected healthcare IT evaluation firm. The report highlighted that Proscia’s Concentriq platform delivers immediate value, with customers reporting significant benefits within six months of deployment. These benefits include faster turnaround times, enhanced talent acquisition, and the creation of valuable data archives for research and development.

Customers also praised Proscia for its strong support and deep pathology expertise. The executive team received an ‘A+’ rating for their involvement, leading all surveyed customers to state they would make the purchase again.

Study with Quest Diagnostics

Proscia’s AI-enabled workflows were put to the test in a study conducted with Quest Diagnostics, a leading provider of diagnostic information services. Using Concentriq’s AI tools alongside Ibex’s AI-powered Prostate* solution, pathologists nearly doubled their productivity, signing out 2.9 cases per hour compared to 1.2 previously. This AI application assists pathologists in detecting and grading prostate cancer by allowing them to review digital slides created from high-resolution tissue scans.

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The study, which included 180 randomized prostate cases, demonstrated the efficacy of AI in streamlining pathology workflows. At the study’s conclusion, 100% of participating pathologists expressed a greater willingness to adopt AI technologies.

Quest Diagnostics employs over 400 pathologists across its AmeriPath and Dermpath Diagnostics subspecialty pathology businesses. The scalability and efficiency of Concentriq’s AI-enabled workflows have shown promising results, indicating a potential shift towards broader AI integration in pathology.

Proscia’s Digital Revolution

Proscia’s rapid growth and the positive reception of its Concentriq platform reflect a larger trend in the medical field: the increasing adoption of digital and AI technologies. As laboratories transition from analog to digital processes, the ability to manage and analyze large datasets becomes crucial. Proscia’s solutions address this need, offering labs the tools required to improve efficiency and enhance diagnostic accuracy.

The study with Quest Diagnostics highlights the practical benefits of AI in pathology. By significantly boosting pathologist productivity, AI can help address workforce shortages and meet the growing demand for diagnostic services. This shift towards AI-driven workflows could lead to faster diagnoses, improved patient outcomes, and reduced healthcare costs.

Furthermore, the move to digital pathology creates vast amounts of real-world data, which can fuel research and development efforts. This data can provide insights into disease patterns, treatment responses, and potential new therapies, driving innovation in the field.

In conclusion, Proscia’s advancements in digital pathology and AI not only enhance current laboratory operations but also pave the way for future medical breakthroughs. The company’s success underscores the transformative potential of technology in healthcare, promising significant benefits for both patients and providers.

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