Philadelphia Store Sells $250,000 Winning Lottery Ticket!

Pennsylvania Lottery Cash 5

PHILADELPHIA, PA — In exciting news for Philadelphia residents and lottery enthusiasts alike, a Cash 5 with Quick Cash ticket sold at Front Page News on Oregon Avenue struck gold during the Saturday, May 11 drawing. The lucky ticket matched all five numbers – 14, 17, 25, 32, and 40 – clinching a whopping $250,000 prize, before withholdings. The win not only marks a life-changing moment for the ticket holder but also brings a spot of luck to Front Page News itself, which will receive a $500 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Winners of this jackpot prize have a grace period of one year from the drawing date to claim their fortunes, emphasizing the importance of checking tickets promptly and thoroughly. Similarly, any prizes won through the Quick Cash game must also be claimed within a year of the purchase date. The lucky individual in possession of the jackpot-winning ticket is encouraged to reach out to the nearest Lottery office to start the claim process.

Beyond the headline-grabbing jackpot, the May 11 Cash 5 drawing turned out to be fortunate for over 8,700 other players who also scooped up prizes. Among them, 20 players matched four numbers, winning $200 each, while 649 individuals snagged $10 for matching three numbers. Not to be overlooked, 8,095 players matched two numbers, each earning $2.

The Pennsylvania Lottery’s mantra of checking “every ticket, every time” rings especially true following this drawing, highlighting the numerous chances players have to win. For those who played the Cash 5 game on May 11, it’s time to double-check your tickets – you might just be holding onto a slice of luck. And for the rest of us, this story serves as an enthusiastic reminder that sometimes, dreams do come true, with a little help from the draw of the lottery.

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