Philadelphia Marches Towards Safety: Mayor Parker Signs Three Bills to Boost Public Security

City of Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, PA — On Wednesday, as part of a concerted effort to enhance security and improve livelihoods in Philadelphia neighborhoods, Mayor Cherelle L. Parker put pen to paper and rendered three vital bills into law.

From her first day in office, Mayor Parker has been unyielding in her resolve to restore order to Philadelphia, a commitment echoed in her statement at the bill-signing ceremony at City Hall. She asserted that her administration will not allow wrongdoers to exploit or obstruct law enforcement’s attempts to identify and apprehend them. A note of reassurance to Philadelphians and a stern warning to potential offenders.

Joining Mayor Parker at the conference were Philadelphia City Councilmembers Curtis Jones Jr., Mike Driscoll, and Quetcy Lozada, the legislators who sponsored the three bills. Let’s delve into the substance of each of these new laws:

The Gambling Machines and Skills Games Prohibition

This law, Bill No. 210923, introduced by Councilmember Jones Jr. and signed by Mayor Parker, puts a firm stop to electronic skill games that mimic slot machines seen in casinos. It makes it unlawful for businesses to operate any casino-style or skill game that takes cash for a chance of a cash prize and is not regulated by Pennsylvania’s state authorities. The law seeks to address and alleviate unfavorable conditions in communities, primarily caused by such illicit activities.

The Kensington Curfew Bill

Responding to a pressing need to control after-hour operations in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood, Councilmember Lozada introduced  Bill No. 240013-A02, which Mayor Parker signed into law. Now, businesses without liquor licenses within the specified boundaries must adhere to a curfew from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. This move aims to reduce disruptive activity and make Kensington a neighborhood where businesses can operate safely and smoothly, thereby restoring the neighborhood’s quality of life.

The License Plate Flipping Prohibition

Councilmember Mike Driscoll introduced this law, Bill No. 240089-A, which prohibits the use of license plate flipping devices. These devices, which allow vehicle operators to switch between different license plates, are seen as an unjust aid to unlawful behavior. It’s time “007 devices,” as Councilmember Driscoll put it, stay where they belong – in action movies, not on Philadelphia streets.

Mayor Parker’s administration has made public safety and quality of life the two strong pillars of their endeavors. As such, she took the opportunity to praise the “Kensington Caucus” in City Council for not only these three pieces of legislation but also their broader attempts to restore and revitalize Kensington.

Mayor Parker concluded the event on an encouraging note, expressing her confidence in the restoration of order and the elimination of chaos in Kensington and other neighborhoods. And, importantly, she acknowledged the significant role City Council plays in advancing shared goals to achieve these ambitions.

Overall, through these three bills, Philadelphia takes bold steps towards becoming a safer, cleaner, and greener city where economic opportunities are accessible to all. It’s a spirited initiative driven by the Mayor’s vision, a supportive council, and the communal spirit of neighborhoods like Kensington that will hopefully drive the city towards a thriving, crime-free future.

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