Penske Logistics Boosts Yard Management Efficiency with Blue Yonder’s AI-Powered Solution


READING, PA — In a bid to enhance visibility and control in its warehouse yards, Penske Logistics has successfully adopted Blue Yonder’s cutting-edge Yard Management solution. This marks the first implementation of Blue Yonder’s newest Supply Chain Execution solution.

Penske Logistics, an industry leader in providing innovative supply chain solutions, is continually seeking ways to optimize shipments, reduce costs, improve asset utilization, and provide superior service. The company was in search of an advanced method to monitor and track equipment like trailers and containers in its yards. The successful integration of Blue Yonder’s Yard Management solution at one of Penske’s warehouse sites has not only fulfilled this need but also indicated potential for future expansion in 2024.

This advanced system leverages camera/computer vision technology and machine learning (ML) to automatically check-in and identify trailers, providing valuable insights into what shipments are present in the yard and exactly where specific trailers or containers are parked. The solution also automates check-out procedures, providing detailed timestamp data for when tractors and trailers leave the yard, a feature that assists in mitigating detention fees.

The Yard Management solution integrates seamlessly with the Blue Yonder Warehouse Management System (WMS), ensuring all shipments are automatically logged and tracked within the system. This automation centralizes tasks, freeing up labor for other productive activities at the yard.

In addition, the solution enhances throughput in Penske’s supply chain by speeding up the processing of trucks in the yard, resulting in lower costs and improved service.

“Thanks to Blue Yonder’s computer vision-based Yard Management solution we have gained greater visibility in our yard, allowing us to know trailer and container location details and status, which has resulted in improved efficiencies,” said Ramu Pannala, Vice President of Supply Chain Technology at Penske Logistics. He added that automating the gate-in, gate-out process has enabled better business decision-making that positively impacts their customers.

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The Blue Yonder Yard Management solution offers automated gate management with significantly reduced errors and provides trailer and container visibility by tracking details for inbound/outbound activities, equipment drops, hooks, live loads, and status of assets in the yard. The system also provides critical information, including assigned docks, equipment status, load priorities, and locations. Proactive alerts allow staff to respond swiftly to unexpected actions or constraints in real-time and monitor statuses to avoid detention fees and various expenses due to waiting or lost loads.

This successful implementation highlights Penske Logistics’ commitment to invest in innovative technology that drives customer value. The collaboration between Blue Yonder and Panasonic Connect, Blue Yonder’s parent company, led to the development of the Yard Management solution’s technology, including the camera/computer vision and ML components. Panasonic Connect’s deep engineering expertise and active engagement of its senior engineering and R&D teams have been instrumental in deploying this advanced solution.

Penske’s adoption of the Blue Yonder Yard Management solution marks a significant step forward in warehouse yard management, showcasing the transformative potential of AI and machine learning in streamlining logistics operations.

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