PDS Appoints Kathi Preboske as Director of Customer Success


BLUE BELL, PA — PDS has announced the appointment of Kathi Preboske as its new Director of Customer Success. Preboske will lead strategies to enhance account management, customer satisfaction, and engagement at the company.

Preboske brings extensive experience in the Human Capital Management (HCM) industry, having spent over 25 years in the field and more than two decades with PDS. Her previous role at PDS involved working with the Sales Solution team, where she gained deep insights into the company’s Vista product and customer base.

Her recent tenure at Experian Employer Services saw significant achievements. She managed and expanded partner relationships, leading to increased revenue and improved customer retention. This experience will be invaluable as she steps into her new role at PDS.

Steve Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President of PDS, expressed enthusiasm about Preboske’s return. “We are so happy to have Kathi back in the PDS family and look forward to her success in this new role,” he said.

Kathi Preboske’s Strategic Impact at PDS

Preboske’s appointment is notable for several reasons. Firstly, her extensive background in Customer Success and Account Management equips her to navigate the complexities of client relations in the HCM sector. Her ability to manage and expand partnerships can drive significant improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty, essential for PDS’s growth.

Secondly, Preboske’s return to PDS reflects the company’s commitment to leveraging experienced talent familiar with its operations and clientele. This continuity can lead to more effective implementation of customer success strategies, benefiting both PDS and its clients.

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In her new role, Preboske will focus on implementing initiatives designed to improve customer interactions and overall satisfaction. Effective account management can lead to higher retention rates, which are crucial for long-term business success. Companies that excel in customer success often see increased loyalty and advocacy from their clients, translating to sustained revenue growth.

Moreover, Preboske’s strategies will likely include personalized approaches to customer needs, ensuring that PDS can cater to a diverse client base. In an industry where client requirements can vary significantly, such tailored solutions are vital.

For the broader HCM industry, Preboske’s appointment signals the increasing importance of customer success roles. As companies strive to differentiate themselves in a competitive market, focusing on exceptional customer service becomes a key component of their strategy. Preboske’s expertise in this area positions PDS to set higher standards in client relations and service delivery.

In summary, Kathi Preboske’s return to PDS as Director of Customer Success marks a strategic move to enhance the company’s client relations and operational efficiency. Her extensive experience and proven track record will likely foster improved customer satisfaction and retention, driving PDS’s continued growth and success.

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