North American Land Trust Earns Seal of Excellence for Nonprofit Best Practices

Brinton Run PreserveImage via North American Land Trust

CHADDS FORD, PA — North American Land Trust (NALT) has achieved the prestigious Seal of Excellence from the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) after successfully completing the rigorous Standards for Excellence® accreditation program. This recognition underscores NALT’s dedication to upholding the highest standards of nonprofit governance and operational management while steadfastly pursuing its core mission of conserving natural and cultural resources.

Heather S. Giampapa, PANO’s Director for Standards of Excellence and Development, praised NALT’s exceptional application, stating, “NALT’s accreditation application was so strong that our team of specially trained reviewers were in disbelief that this was the organization’s first time applying.”

By voluntarily subjecting itself to a peer review process, NALT demonstrated its commitment to transparency and accountability in adhering to PANO’s Standards for Excellence®. The evaluation covered critical areas such as mission clarity, ethical practices, financial integrity, and community engagement.

Steven Carter, President of NALT, expressed gratitude for the accreditation, acknowledging the hard work of the organization’s staff and board members. Carter highlighted the significance of meeting the stringent requirements of the national Standards for Excellence® program, reinforcing NALT’s dedication to ethical governance and operational excellence.

This recognition not only validates NALT’s commitment to best practices but also instills confidence in its partners and stakeholders. As NALT continues its conservation efforts, including the recent acquisition of a historic battlefield and the establishment of public preserves, this accreditation serves as a testament to the organization’s unwavering pursuit of conservation ethics and accountability.

The Seal of Excellence granted by PANO signifies NALT’s readiness to advance its mission with integrity and efficiency, setting a benchmark for organizational excellence in the nonprofit sector. This accolade underscores NALT’s dedication to responsible governance, sustainable practices, and continued efforts to protect and preserve natural landscapes and historical sites for future generations.

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