New Venture Fund Sets Sights on Ethical AI Development

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WILMINGTON, DE — Silicon Sands Venture Studio and 1infinity Ventures have launched a new venture fund. This initiative brings together an impressive team of industry veterans, including Jiazi Guo, Dr. Seth Dobrin, Cyrus Hodes, and Atticus Francken, with the support of an extensive network of top technology firms, global academic institutions, and expert advisors.

The fund is dedicated to nurturing startups that are at the forefront of “Responsible AI” and emerging technologies. It aims to back companies that not only show potential for high returns but also commit to upholding the highest ethical standards, ultimately enhancing societal well-being.

Jiazi Guo, known for spearheading the world’s first cryptocurrency SEP-IRA investment through her company ETZ, views her participation in this venture as a continuation of her efforts to merge groundbreaking technology with sound financial solutions. “This AI venture fund is a perfect example of how innovative technologies can be grounded in responsible practices and ethical considerations,” said Guo.

Dr. Seth Dobrin, the former Global Chief AI Officer at IBM, brings his deep expertise in responsible AI development to the venture. Under his guidance, IBM advanced the field of ethical AI, establishing benchmarks for the industry. “Together, we are poised to drive transformative change in the AI landscape, developing solutions that are innovative and ethically aligned,” Dobrin remarked.

Cyrus Hodes adds a unique blend of AI and blockchain knowledge to the team. His roles include co-founder of infinitio AI and leadership in the Safety and Assurance of Generative AI (SAFE) project at the Global Partnership on AI. Hodes’ experience in global AI governance positions him as a visionary in integrating AI technologies with ethical frameworks.

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Atticus Francken, with a rich background in digital and financial innovation, including renewable energy finance and significant public policy roles, brings strategic insight to commercializing new technologies. His experience at the White House, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and in institutional investment underscores the fund’s commitment to navigating the intersection of technology and public policy.

The partnership between Silicon Sands Venture Studio and 1infinity Ventures represents a forward-thinking approach to AI development. It emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations from the outset, aiming to foster an ecosystem where artificial intelligence is developed with responsibility at its core.

“Our goal is to create an ecosystem where AI is developed with ethical standards at its core. This partnership allows us to leverage significant expertise and resources to make a profound impact on the global AI landscape,” stated Guo, reflecting the fund’s mission to pioneer responsible technological advancements.

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