NBME’s Linda Gadsby Honored with OnCon Icon Top 50 Corporate Counsel Award

National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Linda Gadsby, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Officer at NBME, has been awarded the prestigious OnCon Icon Top 50 Corporate Counsel Award. This honor is determined through peer and community voting, recognizing individuals who impact their organizations significantly and demonstrate exceptional leadership.

“I am honored to be recognized with the OnCon Icon Top 50 Corporate Counsel Award, alongside some exceptional attorneys,” Gadsby said. “I am excited to continue doing meaningful work every day, and I am committed to making a positive impact at NBME and in medical education and assessment.”

Gadsby oversees the legal, disability, volunteer, and governance services units, along with the philanthropic endeavors of the Community Collaborations and Contributions unit. As Chief DEI Officer, she has crafted strategies to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion within NBME and the broader medical education sector.

Her initiatives include incorporating DEI into test development, accommodations review, governance, research, innovation, recruiting, and talent development. She co-sponsors the Equity in Measurement and Assessment Conference, which challenges traditional measurement practices and promotes innovative approaches to advance equity. Gadsby also partners with the Center for Measurement Justice to sponsor a dissertation fellowship program supporting historically underrepresented researchers in the measurement field.

NBME President and CEO Peter Katsufrakis praised Gadsby’s leadership. “We are grateful to have talented leaders like Linda guiding our work,” he said. “Her visionary leadership has earned her well-deserved recognition from her peers, and we look forward to the enduring impact of her endeavors.”

Empowering Diversity and Innovation: The Inspiring Journey of Gadsby

Gadsby’s role is crucial for several reasons. Incorporating DEI principles into organizational practices not only fosters fairness but enhances innovation and outcomes across sectors. By addressing systemic inequalities, organizations can better serve diverse populations and create inclusive work environments.

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Her efforts extend beyond NBME, influencing the broader field of medical education. Initiatives like partnering with the Center for Measurement Justice aim to diversify the field and build pipelines for underrepresented groups, fostering future leaders with diverse experiences and perspectives.

Gadsby’s background as a second-generation immigrant and first-generation college student underscores her dedication to DEI. She attended Cornell University for her undergraduate studies and New York University’s School of Law. With over 30 years of legal experience, she has specialized in labor and employment law, children’s publishing, and education.

In addition to her role at NBME, Gadsby serves on the Executive Committee of Cornell University’s Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors of the Law Alumni Association at NYU. Her accolades include the 2022 OnCon Top 50 Corporate Counsel Icon Award, the 2022 Top 100 Most Influential African American Leaders in Business, and the 2023 Top 100 Women in Business recognitions.

Gadsby’s accomplishments highlight the importance of commitment to DEI in today’s corporate landscape. By leading with vision and integrity, she sets a standard for others to follow, demonstrating how inclusive leadership can drive meaningful change and innovation.

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