NBME Earns Great Place to Work Certification for Second Consecutive Year

National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)

PHILADELPHIA, PA — The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) has been recognized as a Great Place To Work® for 2024-2025, marking the second year in a row the organization has earned this distinction. This certification, based on an employee engagement survey conducted by Great Place To Work, reflects significant strides in workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

This year, 85% of NBME employees surveyed affirmed that the organization is a great place to work, up from 78% last year. This surpasses the national average, where 57% of employees at typical U.S.-based companies express similar sentiments.

The certification process by Great Place To Work involves two stages: the Culture Brief™, which is a company questionnaire, and the Trust Index™ Survey, a tool that evaluates 60 aspects of the job experience. In May 2024, 75% of NBME staff participated in the survey, which focuses on five key dimensions: respect, fairness, credibility, pride, and a sense of belonging.

Janelle Endres, Vice President of Human Resources, oversaw the project, guided by a diverse team from across the organization. “NBME continues to place great value in the employee experience,” Endres said. “We hope to implement more initiatives that maintain and enhance our company culture so that NBME remains a great place to work for many years.”

The survey revealed notable results:

  • 93% of employees feel welcomed upon joining NBME.
  • 90% say they can take time off when necessary.
  • 89% are proud to tell others they work at NBME.
  • 89% feel good about NBME’s community contributions.

These metrics highlight the organization’s commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

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NBME: Elevating Workplace Culture for Lasting Success

Achieving the Great Place To Work certification for two consecutive years highlights NBME’s dedication to improving its workplace culture continuously. The organization’s proactive approach includes introducing new initiatives and refining existing ones to ensure employee satisfaction and engagement.

One of the highlighted initiatives is NBME’s flexible workplace policy, which allows employees to choose between onsite, hybrid, or remote work. This policy not only meets business needs but also respects individual preferences, making it a considerable factor in employee satisfaction.

To support this flexible model, NBME introduced “Change of Pace Days” at its Philadelphia headquarters. Held four times a year, these events focus on professional development, networking, and organizational learning. Jenna Mierzejewski, Manager of Employee Experience, emphasized the importance of these days in maintaining a strong company culture amidst a hybrid work environment. “The Change of Pace Days are a collective break from routine where we can continue to build our community despite working from different locations,” she explained. “These days create a unique opportunity for staff to connect with each other in the same space and ultimately strengthen our bond.”

NBME’s success in creating an engaging and supportive workplace offers a blueprint for other organizations. By prioritizing flexibility, professional development, and community building, NBME not only enhances employee satisfaction but also positions itself as an attractive employer in a competitive job market.

The implications of such recognition are profound. A positive workplace culture can lead to increased employee retention, higher productivity, and better overall organizational performance. For NBME, this certification validates their efforts and sets a high standard for future initiatives aimed at sustaining a great workplace.

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In conclusion, NBME’s designation as a Great Place To Work reflects its unwavering commitment to its employees. Through strategic initiatives and continuous improvement, NBME is setting a benchmark in workplace culture, ensuring it remains a top choice for current and prospective employees alike.

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