Montgomery County Leads the Charge in Maternal Health with Inaugural Conference

Montgomery County Hosts Maternal Health Conference to Address Public Health DisparitiesSubmitted Image

NORRISTOWN, PA — Montgomery County hosted its first maternal health conference on Tuesday, focusing on reducing disparities in maternal mortality and morbidity. The conference, named MOTHERS ALIVE: Sharing Best Practices in Southeastern Pennsylvania, was held at Montgomery County Community College, showcasing a robust collaboration between the county’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Office of Public Health (OPH), the Montgomery County Maternal and Early Childhood Consortium (MECC), and the Maternity Care Coalition (MCC).

The initiative comes at a critical time. “Maternal and infant mortality rates continue to rise to crisis levels nationwide, especially for Black moms,” said Commissioner Jamila H. Winder. The conference aimed to address these dire statistics by bringing together professionals and stakeholders dedicated to improving maternal health outcomes.

The event offered a evidence-driven and community-centered platform for participants to expand their understanding of the challenges facing maternal health. It fostered discussions on innovative initiatives and disseminated crucial information needed to drive systemic change. This gathering of minds underscored a collective commitment to advancing maternal health equity in Montgomery County and beyond.

The lineup of speakers and panelists included leading experts in maternal health and policy, such as Dr. Tamra Williams of Montgomery County HHS and Dr. Ndidiamaka Amuta-Onukagha from the M.O.T.H.E.R. Lab and Tufts Center. They, along with others, prioritized awareness and action, sharing insights on decreasing disparities and mortality rates in maternal health.

Special advisor to the PA Secretary of Human Services, Sara Goulet, emphasized the state’s dedication to this cause. “Together with maternal health care providers and advocates across the Commonwealth, the Shapiro Administration is working to ensure that all women and birthing people get the care and support they need and deserve,” Goulet stated.

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The conference not only highlighted current issues but also focused on actionable policies and promising practices through its panels moderated by Dr. Aasta Mehta and Jamiylah Miller. These discussions brought to light the significant work being done and the strategies proving effective in improving maternal health outcomes.

This inaugural conference signals a pivotal step towards addressing and mitigating the disparities in maternal health that plague communities nationwide. By fostering a collaborative environment for learning, discussion, and action, Montgomery County is setting a precedent for how communities can come together to ensure safer, more equitable healthcare for mothers and their children. The implications of this conference extend beyond the immediate region, offering a blueprint for other counties and states to follow in their efforts to combat maternal health disparities and improve outcomes for all birthing individuals.

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