Lancaster County Duo Faces Grave Allegations of Animal Cruelty; Pennsylvania SPCA Takes Action

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LANCASTER, PA — Two Lancaster County denizens found themselves in the churn of the legal system this week as they faced serious allegations of animal cruelty. On Thursday, the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA), in collaboration with Lancaster County Detectives and City of Lancaster Police Department, served arrest warrants to Pablo Duran and Donna Renee Smeltzer. Both, hailing from the same residence, stand accused of abhorrent cruelty involving two dogs.

Law enforcement swooped in on the beleaguered property, located in 500 block of Dauphin Street, Lancaster, after an alarming complaint about the welfare of dogs. The officers’ visit morphed into a chilling revelation of grave neglect and inflicted suffering.

A brown pitbull-type dog named Beans, owned by Duran, bore stark signs of neglect, with an emaciated body and alarming signs of malnutrition. The canine’s score of 1/9 on the Purina Body Condition scale, lowest for a living dog, revealed the grim reality of its plight. A full veterinary examination corroborated the severity of the conditions, confirming anemia, dehydration, and flea infestation.

Duran faces felony charges for allegations of intentionally causing prolonged pain and suffering to beans and failing to provide veterinary care, causing serious bodily injury or death – both felony-level charges. Duran also stands accused of misdemeanor animal cruelty, with allegations of ill-treating and endangering Beans.

A second dog, Pompei – a miniature poodle-type, owned by Smeltzer was found in a dismal state. The petite canine suffered from a displaced fracture to a hind leg, a broken pelvis and a full circumferential ligature mark around her muzzle. Further examination revealed hemorrhage suggestive of strangulation or blunt force trauma, a dirty haircoat, and urine stains.

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Smeltzer faces allegations of felony animal cruelty and torture, including intentionally failing to provide necessary veterinary care, causing serious bodily injury, a broken leg and pelvis, and ligature marks to Pompei’s muzzle. She also faces misdemeanor allegations of ill-treating and causing bodily injury to an animal, or risking serious bodily injury.

In tandem with legal action, the PSPCA took immediate and critical steps to nurse Beans and Pompei back to health. The animals were transported to the PSPCA’s Main Line Animal Rescue for immediate care. Beans has commenced a refeeding plan under close scrutiny, whilst Pompei will require specialized surgery to save her mutilated hind leg.

The allegations case stirred conversations around animal rights and protection. “The physical injuries to these precious dogs are hard to stomach…their suffering was prolonged by a lack of food and veterinary care…” remarked a visibly moved Julie Klim, CEO of Pennsylvania SPCA.

Nicole Wilson, Director of Animal Law Enforcement and Shelter Services at the PSPCA, expressed hope for justice for the unfortunate dogs and for the alleged perpetrators to face the full extent of the law.

The PSPCA urges anyone with information about this case or other animal cruelty instances to step forth and call their Cruelty Hotline at (866) 601-SPCA. Donations to support the PSPCA’s mission of preventing cruelty and rescuing animals can be made on their official website.

As fresh details emerge, the charges remain allegations, and the defendants stand innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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