InterDigital and Philips to Showcase Volumetric Video Tech at AWE USA 2024


WILMINGTON, DEInterDigital, Inc. and Philips are set to unveil groundbreaking advancements in volumetric video-based codecs and streaming technologies at AWE USA 2024. The event, taking place in Long Beach, California from June 18-20, will feature a joint demonstration by the two companies that could redefine live and eSports streaming experiences.

Located at Booth 233, InterDigital and Philips will introduce their immersive technologies and contributions to video standards that enable rendering and delivering volumetric video experiences. This technology adds depth and parallax to traditional content by capturing 3D representations of real-world objects or scenes. These representations are then translated into frames that can be transmitted across devices. Volumetric video requires special compression due to the richness of its data, and the MPEG Visual Volumetric Video-based Coding (V3C) standard provides the framework for coding and streaming this content.

InterDigital and Philips have collaborated on V3C immersive codecs to facilitate the delivery of volumetric content. InterDigital brings expertise in immersive codecs, such as video point cloud compression (V-PCC), haptics, and MPEG immersive video (MIV) extensions. Philips complements this with its proficiency in MIV extensions and six degrees of freedom (6DoF) immersive codec and content creation pipelines for 3D rendering.

At the AWE event, the companies will demonstrate how their innovations can deliver live and recorded volumetric video for sports and eSports. InterDigital will showcase its contributions to MPEG Immersive Video, Haptics, and Scene Description standards, which enhance the streaming of volumetric and sensory-enhanced content. Philips will highlight its video technologies for capturing and streaming volumetric-enhanced live sports content. Together, they will present their contributions to the MPEG-I V3C standard and MPEG-DASH platform, which foster real-time telepresence and volumetric realism across various content experiences.

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The implications of this technology are significant. Volumetric video can transform the way audiences engage with streamed content, providing a more immersive and interactive experience. This is particularly relevant as the demand for streamed sports and eSports content continues to grow. The ability to feel a sense of presence and depth could revolutionize viewing experiences, offering fans a closer connection to the action.

“Advancements in video codecs and volumetric streaming technologies unlock new ways of being immersed in video, especially at a time when audiences are enjoying more streamed sports content than ever,” said Lionel Oisel, VP and Head of Video Labs at InterDigital. “The complement of Philips and InterDigital’s volumetric research and innovation empowers the wide-scale delivery of crisper, more dynamic immersive content across a variety of devices and use cases.”

This partnership not only highlights the cutting-edge nature of their technological developments but also points to broader industry trends. As virtual and augmented reality applications become more prevalent, the need for advanced video codecs and streaming technologies will only increase. InterDigital and Philips’ contributions could serve as a catalyst for further innovations, encouraging other companies to explore similar advancements.

In addition to the booth demonstration, InterDigital’s Video Solutions Group Senior Director Valerie Allie and Philips Senior Scientist Christiaan Varekamp will deliver a talk titled “Empowering Immersive Sports Experiences.” This presentation, scheduled for June 19 at 4:00 PM PT in Room 101B, will offer an overview of the companies’ contributions to video codecs and volumetric capture technologies, emphasizing scalable XR solutions for immersive sports experiences.

Overall, the collaboration between InterDigital and Philips represents a significant step forward in the evolution of immersive video technology. The demonstrations and discussions at AWE USA 2024 will provide valuable insights into how these advancements will shape the future of entertainment and beyond.

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