Instem and Proscia Join Forces to Enhance Preclinical Study Management


PHILADELPHIA, PA — Instem has announced a strategic partnership with Proscia® to deliver a unified customer experience by integrating their respective software platforms. This collaboration aims to accelerate preclinical studies, particularly in toxicologic pathology.

The partnership will integrate Instem’s Provantis® preclinical study management solution with Proscia’s Concentriq® for Research digital pathology platform. This integration allows users to seamlessly incorporate Provantis data into Concentriq’s workflows. As a result, the combined solution speeds up primary and peer review assessments, streamlines collaboration, and simplifies compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations. The goal is to conduct regulated and non-regulated studies more efficiently and make better-informed decisions. Concentriq is already trusted by 14 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and leading contract research organizations.

“Proscia has established itself as a leader in its space,” said Carlos Frade, VP of Corporate and Market Development at Instem. “We’ve recently enhanced Provantis to increasingly support digital pathology workflows. Partnering with Proscia and integrating with its Concentriq platform are the obvious next steps in helping our customers realize the full potential of the shift from microscope to images.”

Instem will also join the Proscia Ready partner alliance through this collaboration. Proscia Ready consists of solution providers helping laboratories and life sciences organizations adopt digital pathology on a larger scale. The alliance focuses on product integration, joint support agreements, and a shared vision for future innovation.

Analysis: Why This Partnership Matters

The integration of Provantis and Concentriq has significant implications for the field of preclinical studies. Traditional pathology relies heavily on microscopes, which can be time-consuming and prone to human error. Digital pathology, however, uses high-resolution digital images and advanced algorithms to analyze tissue samples. This shift from microscopes to digital images offers numerous benefits, including faster and more accurate assessments.

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One of the most critical advantages is the speed at which preclinical studies can now be conducted. Faster assessments mean that pharmaceutical companies can move more quickly from preclinical trials to clinical trials. This acceleration is crucial for developing new therapies and bringing them to market sooner, benefiting patients who need innovative treatments.

Additionally, the integration simplifies compliance with regulatory standards such as GLP. Compliance is often a complex and time-consuming aspect of preclinical studies. By streamlining this process, researchers can focus more on the scientific aspects of their work rather than administrative tasks.

Digital pathology also facilitates better collaboration among researchers. With data easily accessible and shareable through a unified platform, teams can work together more effectively, even if they are in different locations. This improved collaboration can lead to more robust studies and, ultimately, more reliable results.

Stephan Fromme, Head of Strategic Alliances at Proscia, highlighted the benefits for preclinical development teams. “Preclinical development teams are among the biggest beneficiaries of digital pathology given that their studies involve massive volumes of data,” Fromme said. “Partnering with Instem will enable us to better help our shared base of world-class customers get to clinical trials faster and hopefully bring new therapies to patients sooner.”

In conclusion, the partnership between Instem and Proscia represents a significant advancement in the field of preclinical studies. By combining their expertise and integrating their platforms, they are setting the stage for faster, more efficient, and more accurate research. This collaboration has the potential to accelerate the development of new treatments, benefiting both the pharmaceutical industry and patients alike.

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