InductEV Granted Three More Patents, Boosting Its Wireless Charging Innovations


KING OF PRUSSIA, PA — InductEV, a trailblazer in the wireless charging sector, recently announced that it has been awarded three additional patents by the U.S. Patent Office. This brings the company’s patent count to 18, with another 23 pending, marking a significant milestone in its innovation journey.

The newly granted patents stem from the hands-on experience and innovative mindset that InductEV has fostered through its collaborations with fleet owners and operators worldwide. These partnerships have enabled the company to scale its wireless charging systems using an on-route charging paradigm.

Tony Calabro, CTO and Chief Product Officer at InductEV, highlighted the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and real-world application development. “We have a relentless focus on product improvements, R&D, and knowledge gained in-the-field,” he said. “Each of these new patents is a direct result of that emphasis.”

One of the new patents covers opportunity charging for taxi queues. Here, idle vehicles can utilize InductEV’s unobtrusive wireless power transfer stations set into the pavement of each queue to recharge their batteries. This strategy, known as Strategic Opportunity Charging, transforms waiting time into a productive endeavor. The approach has already been successfully implemented in a taxi fleet in Gothenburg, Sweden, indicating a promising future as more taxi vehicles become autonomous.

The second patent pertains to an air-cooled subsurface vault for wireless power transfer systems. This novel design features at least two grates positioned on respective sides of the charger, allowing bi-directional airflow between the surface and the airspace around the charger. The system enhances energy transfer efficiency, improves reliability, and eliminates the need for onsite power electronics cabinets.

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The third patent revolves around passive arc detection and mitigation in wireless power transfer systems, a crucial aspect of ensuring safe and efficient energy transmission.

InductEV has already delivered over 1.5 GWh of energy to customers across the U.S. and the EU through its wireless charging network, equivalent to saving 650 metric tons of CO2. “With a large number of installations now operating in North America and Europe, we have gained considerable insights into what works and what needs improvement,” added Mr. Calabro. “Fortunately, we’ve been at this for more than a decade and are now seeing the results of our investment in research & development in both patent awards and rapidly accelerating commercial adoption.”

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