Holmes Dental Company Partners with Orion Innovations to Introduce NoGag®, a Breakthrough Anti-Gagging Solution in Dental Care

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WILLOW GROVE, PA — Holmes Dental Company has teamed up with Orion Innovations Inc. to launch NoGag®, a pioneering oral solution designed to significantly enhance patient comfort by eliminating the gag reflex during dental procedures. This collaboration marks a notable advancement in improving the dental experience for both patients and practitioners by addressing one of the most common challenges in dental care: the gag reflex.

NoGag® offers a swift and enduring solution to gag reflex issues, providing rapid relief within seconds and sustaining gag suppression for approximately 60 minutes. This development promises to transform dental visits, making them more comfortable for patients and more efficient for dental professionals by minimizing interruptions caused by gagging.

The product’s unique formulation, a patented blend of Sodium Chloride and Citric Acid, distinguishes NoGag® from traditional numbing agents. It is designed to interact with Nerve 9, biochemically signaling the brain in a manner similar to swallowing food, thereby suppressing the gag reflex without the use of allergens or contraindications. This makes NoGag® suitable for a wide range of patients, including those who are pregnant, enhancing its appeal in the dental market.

Dr. Wegner, a dentist based in Oak Park, IL, shared a compelling testimonial about the effectiveness of NoGag®. “I had a patient with a severe gag reflex, which made even the simplest procedures challenging. With NoGag®, we were able to complete her denture fitting successfully, transforming her smile and her approach to dental care,” said Dr. Wegner. This anecdote underscores the potential of NoGag® to not only improve procedural outcomes but also to positively impact patients’ oral health by reducing their anxiety about dental visits.

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NoGag® is conveniently packaged in single-serving powder packs containing 20 servings each, ensuring ease of use and maintaining high hygiene standards. The simplicity of its application process—placing the powder on the tongue, waiting 10 seconds, and then swallowing—makes it user-friendly for both dental professionals and patients.

The partnership between Holmes Dental Company and Orion Innovations Inc., and the subsequent introduction of NoGag®, represent a significant step forward in dental care innovation. By addressing a widespread issue that has long been a source of discomfort and inefficiency in dental procedures, this breakthrough has the potential to redefine the standards of patient care in the industry.

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