Philly AIDS Thrift and Giovanni’s Room Distribute Over $324,000 in Grants, Achieves Milestone in HIV/AIDS Philanthropy

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PHILADELPHIA, PA — Philly AIDS Thrift and Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni’s Room, a nonprofit organization, have recently surpassed another milestone in their ongoing mission. Their community-driven endeavor has awarded more than $324,000 in grants, allocated to 31 different HIV/AIDS service organizations dedicated to prevention and care.

In times when nonprofits nationwide are grappling with budget cuts and reduced resources, such significant contributions breathe life into local communities and programs struggling to survive. The recent grant has propelled Philly AIDS Thrift’s total donations and awards to an impressive $4.6M since its inception in 2014.

“This is undoubtedly the highlight of our year,” says Board President Michael Byrne, “we’re humbled to be able to influence and support organizations that perform exceptional work for individuals and communities across the Delaware Valley who are affected by HIV/AIDS.”

Non-profit organizations in Pennsylvania are reaping the rewards of Philly AIDS Thrift’s diligent commitment and successful grant program, which began just ten years ago. Since then, the organization has gifted over 200 grants to more than 50 organizations, and it continues to flourish.

As winter draws to a close and spring cleaning begins, the call for gently-used donations echoes louder. Every item donated generates the proceeds that fund future grants, propelling the organization’s mission forward.

For those interested in contributing to their cause, Philly AIDS Thrift operates two retail thrift stores, each bursting with treasures for savvy shoppers and thrifty treasure-hunters alike. In 2014, they took over the historic Giovanni’s Room, the oldest LGBT & Feminist bookstore in the nation, rejuvenating it as Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni’s Room,

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In addition to its retail operations, Philly AIDS Thrift launched an HIV testing center inside their main store in 2015. The center offers free, drop-in, rapid testing, and counseling services, tackling the stigmatization around HIV testing by providing a more relaxed and less intimidating environment.

Philly AIDS Thrift’s commitment isn’t just to their mission, performing the commendable retail-to-philanthropy conversion. It extends to those living with HIV/AIDS who are in need of clothing and household necessities. The organization provides store vouchers to these individuals, ensuring that their basic needs are met.

The organization’s sustained success is deeply intertwined with the support from dedicated volunteers and generous donations from the public community. The welcoming doors of Philly AIDS Thrift stand open, extending a warm invitation to be part of their mission and contribute to their noble cause. Operating hours are from Monday to Saturday, starting at 11:00 am until 8:00 pm, and on Sundays from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Their unconditional support for local communities and neighborhoods affected by HIV/AIDS amplifies Philly AIDS Thrift’s impact far beyond the sales floor, piercing through the hearts of countless individuals who benefitted through their programs. Through their efforts, they turn donations into hope and resources, highlighting their unwavering commitment to their cause. And they’re only just getting started.

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