HealthVerity and AnalyticsIQ Partner to Enhance Healthcare Provider Diversity Insights

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PHILADELPHIA, PA — HealthVerity announced a new partnership with AnalyticsIQ to offer enhanced race and ethnicity insights on healthcare providers. This collaboration aims to boost diversity and inclusion in the healthcare sector by leveraging AnalyticsIQ’s advanced data capabilities.

The partnership allows HealthVerity to integrate AnalyticsIQ’s ethnicity data with its Provider Diversity and Diagnosis Index (PDI) Masterset. This tool, unique in its scope, compiles medical, pharmacy, and consumer data to evaluate the racial diversity and demographic mix of over two million healthcare providers nationwide, all while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

AnalyticsIQ stands out for blending cognitive psychology with data science, offering deep insights into patient and provider behaviors. The company’s people-based consumer data and social determinant of health insights are now linked to National Provider Identifier (NPI) records, broadening HealthVerity’s data landscape.

Andrew Kress, CEO of HealthVerity, highlighted the significance of this partnership. “AnalyticsIQ is a leader in people-based insights, and we are pleased to be the first organization to provide their reliable ethnicity and race data of healthcare providers as an add-on to PDI or licensed with other real-world data from HealthVerity Marketplace,” he said. “Thanks to the extremely high match rates we experience with AnalyticsIQ’s data, we are now able to provide insights into the race and ethnicity of approximately 85% of all healthcare providers in the nation’s largest healthcare data ecosystem.”

This new capability is particularly important as research shows that patients often prefer receiving care from providers of similar ethnic backgrounds. These insights can help healthcare organizations improve clinical trial diversity, enhance patient engagement, and increase therapeutic adherence.

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Christine Lee, Head of Health Partnerships at AnalyticsIQ, expressed excitement about the collaboration. “AnalyticsIQ is proud to partner with an organization like HealthVerity and assist them in furthering equity in clinical trials and patient adherence by better understanding who providers are as people,” she said. “Their Provider Diversity and Diagnosis Index aims to drive better medicine through diversity, and we are excited to have the opportunity to play a part in that mission.”

HealthVerity’s partnership with AnalyticsIQ enhances its mission to promote equity and diversity in healthcare. By providing detailed demographic data on healthcare providers, this collaboration helps clients make informed decisions that can lead to better patient outcomes. The initiative aligns with broader efforts to ensure diverse and inclusive healthcare environments, ultimately fostering better health for all.

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