HealthSignals Secures National Group Purchasing Agreement with Premier, Inc. to Boost Telehealth Capabilities

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KING OF PRUSSIA, PA — HealthSignals has announced a national group purchasing agreement with Premier, Inc., effective since March. This strategic partnership allows Premier members to access specially negotiated pricing and terms for a suite of telecommunications services, including Wi-Fi, Cellular Boost, dedicated internet access, and fixed wireless solutions, aimed at bolstering their wireless infrastructure to better support telehealth and telemedicine applications.

HealthSignals is at the forefront of providing technology solutions that are essential for modern healthcare facilities, focusing on security, reliability, and efficient communication and collaboration for telehealth initiatives. The company’s Medical Grade Wi-Fi® is touted to ensure a secure and reliable connection throughout healthcare facilities, thereby minimizing network disruptions and enabling seamless interaction among patients, providers, staff, and visitors. This improved connectivity is critical for real-time monitoring of vital signs and medical data, leading to enhanced patient care and outcomes.

In settings where wireless connectivity is crucial, HealthSignals’ Fixed Wireless solution offers a cost-effective alternative to fiber optics by seamlessly connecting entire campuses. Its Point-to-Point (PtP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) solutions provide high-speed network connectivity across multi-building campuses, combining reliability with ease of management.

Moreover, the agreement covers Dedicated Internet Access through a dedicated Fiber Optic cable, offering guaranteed bandwidth and symmetrical upload and download speeds ranging from 100 MB to 40 GB. This ensures reliability and superior throughput, essential for the demanding requirements of healthcare applications.

To address indoor cellular coverage issues, HealthSignals’ enterprise-grade cellular signal boosters are designed to enhance signals for all North American carriers within any healthcare or residential setting. Utilizing advanced booster technology, the company offers tailored services that encompass strategic planning, network design, engineering, implementation, monitoring, and management, specifically catering to the senior living and healthcare industry’s unique needs.

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This partnership between HealthSignals and Premier, Inc. represents a pivotal step towards modernizing healthcare delivery through enhanced telehealth services. By improving wireless infrastructure, Premier members can leverage technology to offer more accessible and efficient healthcare services, meeting the growing demand for telehealth and telemedicine amidst an increasingly digital healthcare landscape. This agreement not only signifies a leap forward in healthcare technology adoption but also underscores the critical role of telecommunications in facilitating the future of healthcare delivery.

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