Health Advocate Launches Caregiver Support Program to Aid Employees

Health Advocate

PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA — Health Advocate has introduced Generations Aging Adult & Caregiver Support, a new program designed to assist employees who also serve as caregivers. This initiative offers ongoing access to a dedicated Nurse Coach and a team of Personal Health Advocates skilled in aging issues. The goal is to help caregiving employees navigate the healthcare system, connect with emotional and well-being support, and balance their work and personal lives.

With more working adults now responsible for the care of aging parents, children, and themselves, the demands can be overwhelming. This strain often affects the caregiver’s health and personal life, leading to absenteeism, presenteeism, and even workforce dropout. These issues can cost businesses billions annually.

“As more employees take on caregiving roles, the workplace impact is significant, costing organizations between $17.1 billion and $33 billion each year in lost productivity,” said Jeff Cordell, President and CEO of Health Advocate. “Access to expert help and compassionate support like that provided by the Generations program can assist caregivers. It helps them save time, reduce stress, and manage financial burdens.”

The Generations program assigns a dedicated Nurse Coach to each family, along with access to various experts to help caregivers and their families through different life stages. This aims to make transitions smoother and less stressful:

  • Licensed Counselors: Support family members dealing with the emotional complexities of aging loved ones.
  • Benefits Experts: Resolve billing and claims issues, offer Medicare/Medicaid support, and navigate other benefits.
  • Work/Life Specialists: Assist in finding senior care services, living facilities, hospice care, and necessary medical equipment.
  • Financial and Legal Experts: Provide additional guidance and resources as needed.
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The increasing number of caregiving employees presents a growing challenge for both individuals and organizations. Without adequate support, these employees risk burnout, which can lead to decreased productivity and higher attrition rates. For businesses, this translates into substantial financial losses.

Health Advocate’s new program aims to mitigate these risks by offering comprehensive support. By helping employees manage their caregiving responsibilities more effectively, companies can retain valuable staff and maintain productivity. This also fosters a supportive work environment, which can boost employee morale and loyalty.

The implications of the Generations program extend beyond the workplace. For employees, having access to tailored support can significantly improve their quality of life. It allows them to provide better care for their loved ones while maintaining their own health and career.

For businesses, adopting such programs can be a strategic move. It addresses the evolving needs of the workforce, potentially reducing turnover and associated costs. Furthermore, it positions companies as empathetic employers, which can enhance their reputation and attract top talent.

In summary, Health Advocate’s Generations Aging Adult & Caregiver Support program represents a proactive approach to a widespread issue. By providing essential resources and expert guidance, it aims to ease the burden on caregiving employees, benefiting both individuals and their employers. As the demographics of the workforce continue to shift, such initiatives may become increasingly important in sustaining a healthy, productive work environment.

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