H2O Degree Launches BMS1000 LoRaWAN Gateway to Optimize Building Management

BMS1000 LoRaWAN GatewaySubmitted Image

BENSALEM, PAH2O Degree, a manufacturer of advanced two-way wireless submetering and leak detection systems, has introduced the BMS1000 LoRaWAN gateway. This new device promises to bridge the gap between building management systems (BMS) and H2O Degree’s wireless water submetering and leak-detection solutions, enabling facility managers to make data-driven decisions that can optimize utility usage, reduce costs, and achieve sustainability goals.

The BMS1000 gateway facilitates seamless interoperability between systems through BACnet, Modbus, MQTT, and other standard industry protocols. Notably, it does not require an internet connection, as interface options include wireless IoT connectivity via the LoRaWAN protocol or wired connectivity methods like Modbus TCP/RTU and BACnet IP. Once integrated, the BMS can leverage data from the submetering system to automate controls. For example, property managers can adjust plumbing, HVAC systems, or lighting schedules based on real-time utility consumption, occupancy patterns, or demand response signals.

The gateway also provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. These functionalities enable stakeholders to visualize water and electric usage trends, track performance metrics, and allocate costs accurately. This can be done either on-premise or remotely. Integrated water leak detection and flood notifications within a BMS can prevent substantial financial losses from wasted water and physical damage caused by leaks or floods.

“Utility data integration with a building’s BMS provides building owners and operators with the tools necessary to optimize resource utilization, enhance occupant comfort and drive sustainability initiatives,” said Don Millstein, President of H2O Degree. “As a fully ‘on-premise’ IoT device, the BMS1000 combines the functionality of a gateway, controller, and modem, providing utility data to the BMS without the need for an internet connection. This feature significantly reduces IT risks.”

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The Power of BMS1000 in Efficiency and Sustainability

The introduction of the BMS1000 marks a significant step in integrating advanced technology into building management. By streamlining data collection and automation, property managers can substantially cut down operational costs while boosting efficiency.

Moreover, the ability to prevent water damage through automated leak detection can save thousands of dollars, making the investment in such technology economically viable. As buildings worldwide strive to meet increasingly stringent sustainability standards, tools like the BMS1000 become essential for achieving these goals.

This development reflects a broader trend in building management towards smarter, more connected systems. The emphasis on IoT devices that operate independently of the internet mitigates cybersecurity risks, addressing a major concern for property managers.

In summary, H2O Degree’s BMS1000 LoRaWAN gateway offers a robust solution for modernizing building management systems. With its focus on interoperability, advanced analytics, and risk reduction, the gateway stands out as a critical tool for facility managers aiming to enhance efficiency and sustainability.

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