H2O Degree Launches Advanced Wireless Water Meter for Tenant Submetering

LoRaWAN-enabled Toilet Water Meter from H2O DegreeSubmitted Image

BENSALEM, PA — H2O Degree has unveiled the L54120+, a cutting-edge, battery-operated water meter equipped with LoRaWAN wireless technology. This new device is designed for tenant water submetering and offers industry-leading leak detection and alarming capabilities.

The L54120+ operates on secure wireless 915 MHz technology, ensuring robust signal strength and security. Its long-range connectivity spans a 1,000-foot radius from the gateway, making it suitable for large properties, whether a 70-acre garden-style complex or a 20-story high-rise. This wide coverage eliminates the need for repeaters, simplifying installation. With over five years of battery life and no need for electrical connections, the device promises ease of maintenance.

What sets the L54120+ apart is its ability to measure cumulative water flow in gallons and record detailed water usage events, such as toilet flushes. This feature allows for precise leak detection and identification of excessive water usage, down to individual appliances. It aligns with industry standards for accuracy, including the AWWA standard of 1.5% accuracy. Leading property owners and real estate investment trusts across North America trust these meters for tenant billing.

By leveraging H2O Degree’s Smart Metering system and cloud-based software, the L54120+ collects and reports granular water consumption data. Property managers receive daily water leak reports, helping them identify and address common sources of wasted water, such as faulty toilets and leaking faucets. This accurate consumption data enables precise tenant billing. Tenants also benefit from access to their usage patterns through a web portal, promoting awareness and conservation.

Don Millstein, President of H2O Degree, highlighted the benefits of LoRaWAN technology. “LoRaWAN is an open protocol network which allows building owners to integrate H2O Degree meters with other LoRa-enabled products such as leak sensors, rat traps, door and occupancy sensors, and more,” he said. By providing actionable insights into water usage, H2O Degree’s system encourages responsible consumption and behavior change.

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In summary, the L54120+ offers a sophisticated solution for water management in multi-tenant buildings. Its advanced features and reliable performance make it a valuable tool for property managers and tenants alike, fostering both efficiency and sustainability.

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